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Name: Stormy Knights
Tag #8LJ0CV98
Time: 1-23-19 approx 5pm hong kong time.

I wouldn't normally add this but we keep seeing engineers again. Not overtly engineered like the bad old days but a few bases engineered. In this war they brought two TH10s with no infernos and high level troops. This allowed them to get in more TH11s than we have. Thus paring our 9s against TH10s. The 10s can easily wipe out the nines.

Even though I think we will win this war, I keep seeing this. EVERY war in the last two months we've been matched vs significantly higher THs. We often win because they can't attack well but the war match is off. Two or three hours to match and get a less than fair match. It's not horrible but it just keeps happening. Making me think we are doing something wrong. My next TH10 will not get infernos.

Edit: Got my wars mixed up. this time they only got more TH10s in the war, not 11s.
you do often seem to get the short end of the stick in straight th counts, but i can't really tell anything from that. how do your overall heroes and troops stack up when you're out numbered? what about defenses? do you run with any max or near max 9/10/11?

unsure why your matches are taking so long as your lineup looks fine.