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    Jul 2015
    The post before me by PhedUp capture our circumstances exactly. Virtually all of our wars come down to the enemy having an extra (or a few extra) TH12s.

    Clan ID: 82R2G08U
    Clan Name: Ancient Hunters (was really hoping for a clan name change to rid ourselves of this lame moniker)
    Our last 3 out of 4 wars. Most recent started 7/10 around 8:15PM CST

    We tied, but lost by a percentage because they outnumbered us at TH11 and TH12. In fact, we feel like the matchmaker beat us, not the clan we warred against.
    Proud coleader of Ancient Hunters (#82R2G08U), a US based, adult war clan

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    Clan leuven 2
    11/07/18 21u06min
    12/07/18 22u06min

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    I would like to say I think the match ups have improved

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    Can you please take a look at our war match— it is a complete mismatch
    Clan I’d—#89RCGLJG
    clan name—The Shadow Gate
    war start—15 July 2018
    war time—2:30 pm
    Comment— Mismatch US—1-th12;2-th11;1-th10;2-th9;3-th8. Our OPP—2-th12; 3-th11; 3 th9; 2–th8,
    this is a huge mismatch. Not sure how you run search for the war— but we would rather wat a longer amount of time for a match then be mismatched to save time.
    also they have an engineered base. You artificially add war weight to th that have been t

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    Clan ID: #8RGUGGQU
    Clan name: Orange Crush
    War Start Date: 7/18/2018
    War Start Time (GMT): startTime = 20180718T205525.000Z

    Me again. Pretty easy to spot whats wrong in a 15v15 war they have 5 eagles to our 3, 16 infernos to our 12 and an extra warden. As long as I'm posting I'll mention they have 2 level 3 eagles and we have none. How can your matchmaker do so bad? 4 out of 15 bases are a complete mismatch and at the TOP. If you screw up the 4 at the bottom nobody cares but the top has to be fair.

    And in case it matters we are on a 3 war win streak and opponent is on a 6 win streak... no duh, we'd be on a billion win war streak if we got the other side of this matchup!

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