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    Sick of losing to 100% wins by TH11 low defense high lvl troops cheats. Have provided details b4 but this just goes on and on unchecked. It's spoiling the game and more & more people are leaving CofC because of it. For God sake Supercell, stop doing ur "token" info gathering & actually do something to stop this cheating now please !!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NacMac View Post
    That clan lineup will pull some seriously bad matches. Cut your th spread to a maximum of 3 th levels. We have a similar spread of ths in our clan but only war with a spread of 3.
    Cool, we'll try that. Thanks for the tip. Thing is I'm not sure we're not doing something unintentionally wrong to get the uneven match-ups. We have some lower TH members who want to war and improve so maybe imbalanced wars will be our penalty for giving them a chance. Either that or we'll switch between low TH and high TH wars. Either way, people who want to war are going to be left out.
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    Clan Mismatch

    Clan ID:#9PJPQPCLClan name:shoppers plazaWar Start Date:5,14,2018War Start Time(GMT):7:11p.m.

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    Clan ID: YCLO222Y
    Clan Name: Yes Sir!!!
    War Start Date: May 16, 2018
    War Start Time: Approx 7am pst

    Our side had one th11, 4 th10s, 4 th9s and a very low base

    Theirs had a th11 at the top.... and a second in the lowest spot

    9 of our last 10 matches have been engineered

    We’re a fair play, non engineered clan


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    If I have a mismatch at least a have a place to put it
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    Clan name- Fighter gang ,clan i.d-#QLOPV2CU
    War start date- 17.05.2018
    War start time - 4.53 p.m .AS PER GMT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudipta9932 View Post
    Clan name- Fighter gang ,clan i.d-#QLOPV2CU
    War start date- 17.05.2018
    War start time - 4.53 p.m .AS PER GMT
    We have four th 10 max. Whether opponent have two th 11 max with max heroes and troops and their no three is th10 max no four is th11 with inferno level 4 and without artilary. How is it possible?

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    Clan ID: #LQLQ228J
    Clan name: A New Hope
    War Start Date: 17/5/2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 14:34
    Comment: We are all balanced, all defences placed, maxer playing style, and here we are, yet again, against a clan with Engineering, I ignore gentle engineering and don't report it anymore, I have sadly come to accept that you can't do the play style matching you suggested you could, but when we continue to see mini max TH11 at the bottom of the roster, I just have to post here.


    1xTH11 (maxed 50/50/20 heroes)
    2xTH9.5 (1 x maxed but no infernos)
    2xTH8.5 (1 x maxed but no x bows)
    1xTH11 (single cannon 50/46/20 heroes)

    This is going to be a rubbish war ... I hope the update comes soon and really sorts this nonsense out

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    Yet another missmatch

    Clan ID:#9CJUG89Q
    Clan name:shadow fighterz
    War Start Date: 17th May 2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 9:00pm
    Comment: Opponents virtuoso #QRLR88J8

    I am at my wits end with these war missmatches. After consecutive losses being matched against clans that have 4 th11 bases with eagle artillery when we had none, we had a decent 3 war break.

    And now it's even worse than before. The enemy has 16 out of 40 th11 bases versus our 10. They have 2 maxed eagle art bases at the top with the 4 to 6 ranked th11s near max without eagles. We have no max th11s, no eagles, no max hero's.

    Our th11s are mostly recent upgrades from th10s with th10s level defences.

    Clan morale is low as members can only bear losses to a degree.

    Losing my love for this game.

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    The mismatches are only getting worse and worse now. People are already giving up and moving on to other games....

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