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    I thought our clan was the only one having these same issues but reading these it's happening to us all. Why can't you just match th for th that way engineered bases would get crushed by other th 11s same for th 10s it would work out a lot better in my opinion. War is unfair if other clan has more th 10s or th 11s than you do. it seems easy to me.. Th 11s have more troops and strongest troops.. so match them with same number as other th 11s.

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    Clan ID:#908CVQQQ
    Clan name:Cambridge Kings
    War Start Date:3 November 2017
    War Start Time (GMT): 21:00
    Comment:15 v 15 war. No engineered or rushed bases in our line up 1 TH11, 4 TH10s, 7 TH9s, 2 TH8s & 1 TH7. Opponents clearly engineered with 3 TH11s including one at position 10 and one at 15. Then various other rushed TH10s, 9s & 8s This is clearly a poor match up and just wondered how the matchmaking system works in this instance?

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    We've been getting some pretty bad matchups since the last update. Our war log has tanked. We were having 7-10 win streaks, but now lucky to get 2.

    Clan ID: #PGULVPY
    Clan Name: Patriots Guild
    War Start Date/time: November 6, 7am GST

    We seem to be getting matched up with majorly engineered clans. Our current war (the one above) has the following:

    we have 4 th11 bases with all defenses built. They have 7. Three of them don't have eagle artillery, but they all have grand warden and max bowlers, witches, etc. and the others have their other defenses upgraded to th11 levels.

    We have 4 th10 bases, all defenses built. They have 1 almost maxed out.

    We have 1 th9 maxed out and 1 th8 almost maxed out. They have 1 th9 and 1 really weak th5!

    Also, they are obviously an elite clan with almost 400 wins and an excellent war record (I wonder why? *sarcasm*). The conclusion to this war is a forgone conclusion. Most of us aren't wasting our attacks on it.

    My question is, how does throwing a th5 into the mix warrant giving them such a huge offensive advantage? And why are we, a non-engineered clan, being matched with such a heavily engineered clan? It keeps happening to us. Not sure if we're doing something wrong to cause the lopsided match.

    Please fix it before our whole clan just abandons the game. I know I'm about there.


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    Clan ID: 8PPLVJPQ
    Clan name: SLOdinz
    War Start Date: 5th November 2017
    War Start Time (GMT): 22:48
    Comment: 15 vs 15 war.
    US: 2 TH10, 8 TH9, 2 TH8, 3 TH7
    THEY: 2 TH11 (n6 and n9), 2 TH10, 8 TH9, 3 TH8.
    Our n1 new TH10 (maxed TH9 plus upgraded AD, teslas, one arch tower, air traps, camps, ground army. No miners, no bowlers. No infernos. No new defenses.)
    Their n1 fully maxed th10 including maxed x-bows and infernos.
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    Clan ID #82RJJRQ8
    Start date 11/7/2017
    Time 4 PM EST
    15 on 15
    Us 5 th 11s 6 10s 3 9s 1 8
    them 9 th 11s 4 10s 2 th 9s
    Do you understand that th 11s have way more troops and stronger troops then 10s or 9s jeezz it's so unfair if they have more th 11s they just roll over our 9s and 10s. Up top we have 5 th 11s trying to take out 9 th 11s where do you even see this being fair this is the last time I will say this MATCH TH FOR TH THEN YOU WILL SEE ENGINEERED BASE LEAVE BECAUSE THEY WILL GET 3 STARRED BY FAIR TH 11S. If this matchup system continues I will lose more people who are really discouraged with what's going on along with me..
    We will see if you really care there are enough people complaining for sure...

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    To make things much simpler than before, there are only 4 bits of information we'll need:

    Clan ID: #9YG2YGV8
    Clan name: Patrons of Doom
    War Start Date: 11/4/2017
    War Start Time (GMT): 10-11pm US CDT
    War vs #R20UV0LL, sdb'02 Munsey

    Our line up, TH10-6, TH9-11, TH8-3. Their lineup TH11-5, TH10-6, TH9-7, TH8-2.

    Truly discourging to lose 4 wars in a row due to facing these engineering clans.
    You developers can apply an easy fix to this match making process, but you are turning a blind eye to the obvious, staring right back at you. I'm a developer, and if you would like this simple insight, contact me via my email, and I can discuss the easy solution with you.

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    Big missmatch

    My Clan
    Clan ID:
    Clan name: !!!Wild Hogs!!!
    War Start Date: 11/8/2017

    War Start Time (GMT): 17:29

    Comment: #L80JUPYV - iraq

    Our best townhall on no.1 is TH10 (without infernos)
    The no. 1 from the opponents have 2 infernos level 3.

    Our lineup 10/10/9/10/9/9/9/9/8/3
    Opponent 10/10/9/9/10/9/11/11/11/11

    All of the TH11-accounts from the opponent have the grand warden, and no. 7-9 have maxed dragons. The no.10 have only dragons level 5.

    Searchtime: ca. 15min
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    War miss match. Please explain. #909j88qu. MiddleEarth. 8th November 2017. 10.20pm. Please reply

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    I'm compiling the next report for the team. This has been providing the team with a wealth of information. We've got some more radical changes we're considering to help eliminate some of these frustrations. Though I don't have anything solid to share just yet, I'll keep everyone posted as I get information.

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    Do not go gentle into that good night.

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    Ooh never knew this thread existed.
    I'll post anything if my clan gets matched up against Engineers (My clan is full maxxing)
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