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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We're still gathering information on how the matchmaking changes are impacting everyone. While we can and do review these data, it's difficult to monitor millions of records trying to find specific results. If you feel you were mismatched in your Clan War, then we'll require some information from you.

    To make things much simpler than before, there are only 4 bits of information we'll need:

    Clan ID:#yvyp8p9y
    Clan name:blood and war
    War Start Date:15 april 2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 9.40pm

    Make sure the time zone is noted, though we prefer GMT.

    The start time is largely to make sure we're looking at the right war. Once a week I'll be giving this report to the engineers to review.

    Feel free to include a comment of what was mismatched. Though we can see the War results, we also want to get your perspective as well as it's important to understand your point of view too.

    If you're not comfortable sharing any of the above information on the forums, feel free to PM me the information with the subject line [Clan Mismatch] so I know to review the message.
    after this new update cln war s highly mismatch ..every time we e getting th11 wid max troops nd low def...we r nt taking any rusher then why we r getting th11 all d time..3 last war ww lost because of this only .every time if opp get th11 wid max troops then wtss d purpose of hard work upgding all the def .it's bttr to leave coc rather then being frustrated seeing opp wid th11

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    I have given up using big accts in my clan wars and only engage the lower accts for ďscienceĒ. Iím sure an up and coming tribe is not as important but to keep customers happy, this might be useful.

    Clan ID:
    Clan name: MT&Meaningless
    Start: apr 15
    Time: 8:00 GMT

    Current war is 20v20. We have 1 (one) near max th8 up top and an inactive th8 at number 5 I forgot to take out. 12 th7s at various levels and 4th6, th5, th3

    They have 2 th8s up top mostly th7,6 bases with a th9 at 17, th10 at 19

    My point will go unread Iím sure but it is that if I am trying to not engineer and putting up on level bases, I would prefer the MMA not match with a clan having thís much higher than mine. Does this not seem like the obvious thing to adjust? I get itís complicated but you continue to punish one side over the other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWhaler View Post
    This reply I do not understand KZVG55. I think it's also one of the sulutions, altough I would add not only defense wise but also minimum lvl's for all troops and spells.
    What I mean is as much as Engineering is a problem you must remember that CoC needs to give players some degree of freedom. In the Home Village if we are all forced to build and probably max every single defense and upgrade to a mandatory set level of offense before upgrading town hall SuperCell would lose customers.

    However many might be quitting over Engineering is less than how many players would quit over forceful requirements to upgrade before town hall leveling.

    Losing many players (often casual) who are unwilling to have to max everything would spell doom for this game. They might not make up the bulk of gemmers and profiting for SuperCell but they do for exposure through word of mouth and increasing the playerbase size. After all Clash is about building and designing your own village and it's unfortunate that Engineers take advantage of the key appeal of this game. Losing many casual players would decrease the playerbase size and then it'll only be max vs max bases which would cause a steady decline for Clash.

    I believe a possible solution lies in allocating a lot more weight to Laboratory and Army Camps and/or Clan Castle.

    There should also be a search algorithm looking specifically for Higher Townhalls being suspiciously lower on the map than lower town halls.

    Because come on when you have a Town Hall 11 below a town hall 9 there is an almost certain degree of Engineering going on here.

    Nobody can innocently rush a town hall 11 base that badly. If they do then it's better not to be in war until upgrading a bit more. Having an average town hall 9 or mid-range 10 being above an 11 in war smells suspicious. The same goes for an average town hall 8 or 9 being above a 10 on the map.
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    Engineers are also using a website known as AllClash which lists war weight items. This aids them in designing their bases. Maybe SuperCell can secretly make massive changes to weighting system on their end undetectable by data miners?

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    Guess what , the youtubers are quitting. They are all turning content to PUBG. If your not in a war clan with all maxed 11 s you have to deal with stupid wars where our opponent has us out matched on top. Just don’t understand how Supercell can’t match top bas s. We have a new 11 as our top base, and face a maxed one last war as our opponents number one. Just even out the top, we don’t care if our opponent has an extra new ten with infernos or even two maxed 9 s. Just not a maxed 11 who will roll 2 of our maxed 10 s. Watch Ransouvis video from today, he is sick of it also............

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    New poster, long time reader. Here is our present war standings:

    I have posted this becuase it is not so much match making that i want to draw attention to, it is the ranking of bases. I have noticed that since the IT nerf that max TH10s with ITs are easier to hit now than are TH11s with everything built but the IT and EA; and yet these types of 11s rank lower than 10s with ITs. How ranking happens (that is, war weights for buildings) ought to reflect the changes in number and strength in a way that reflects changes to hitrate or effectiveness as a defensive building. For example, 11s with all building built ough to weigh more than (rank higher than) th9s with all buildings built. The lvl of the building is important, but a th11 with all lvl 9 archertowers (ATs) and lvl 1 xbows should rank higher than a max th9.

    Thank you for your time. I love the changes SC has recently been making and I think the game is at the best it has ever been.

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    Clan ID: #JJ2C28G
    Clan name: Greece
    War Start Date: 17 Apr 2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 20:07 GMT (approximately)
    Comment: This is a 20 vs 20 war. Our composition is 15 TH11s, 3 TH10s and 2 TH9s. None of our bases are engineered or even .5's. They have all defenses available to them, and they are well upgraded. In contrast, the enemy has lots of engineered bases, including a defenseless TH11.

    Our roster is as far from engineered as possible. Why did we get matched to an engineered clan?
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    This is clearly a mismatch

    Clan ID: #C8J2RY2U
    Clan name: EpiQ
    (My clan btw)
    War Start Date: Apr19 to Apr20
    War Start Time (GMT): 11:30pm

    We are up against an insanely imbalanced opponent.
    Clan ID: #RRYJ2820

    Here's the situation, the war is 30vs30, and here are the complete details of the line-ups.

    We have th11-2, th10-4, th9-9, th8-6, th7-3 and the rest is th6 below.

    The opponent on the other hand has
    th11-7, th10-2, th9-6, th8-5, th7-4 and the rest is th6 and below.

    Top 5 players
    1. th11 - gw14/aq21/bk21 = maxed out troops. Th10 defense.

    2. Th10 - aq25/bk24 = maxout troops / max defense.

    3. Th10 = aq12/bk10 = Defense halfway form being maxed / most of the troops are still for th9.

    4.th11 = aq15/bk15/gw5 = Defense, half are maxed but missing 1cannon, 1archertower, 1wiz, 4xbows, 2infernos and Eagle = troops are still th10 maxed.

    5.th10 = aq9/bk9 = Defense halfway from being maxed = Some are maxed, some aren't.

    And the rest, in terms of offense
    and defense are th9 level and below.

    Top 5 players

    1. Th11 = aq15/bk14 = Complete Defense partially maxed w/ Eagle artillery = Almost all troops maxed out.

    2. Th10 = aq30/bk30 = Maxed out Defense = Maxed out troops
    3. Th10 = aq30/bk18 = Maxed out Defense and Troops.

    4. Th11 = gw20/aq27/bk18 = Engineered base = Maxed out War troops.

    5. Th11 = gw9/aq45/bk30 = Engineered base = Maxed out War troops.

    And the rest has th9 offense.

    So basically in terms of defense and offense, we have been over powered. Not to mention that these guys have high war stars so it means they can clearly wipe out all our bases. So if the matchmaking process now leans to the offense more, then why are we matched up with this clan? Please review our war. Its ongoing so, I'll just update this thread for the results.
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    Since we have stopted putting engineerd in war and put only balansed bases we have only fair wars. Its a complete other leage.

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    Clan ID: #R8VG9YLJ
    WAR START DATE: April 18, 2018
    War Start Time: Approx 11:40 am pst

    line up detail:
    apaCOCalypse. Th10. Th10. Th9. Th9. Th9
    benhey. Th10. Th11 max troops. Th9. Th9. Th7 eng w single canon

    apaCOCalypse is a fair play, non engineered clan
    cowbuki ... tedomari

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