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    I think adding a base war weight per town hall and with each upgrade, add a weight increase enough to always be matched with someone who is equivalent to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddelk View Post
    12:30am GMT (appt)

    Just curious to see any response. It’s been over 4 months since we have had any adv in war. Usually 2 max attacks for us against 14 or more against us. Usually same amount of max defense and eagles. But the last 3 wars, same attack difference and tripled on eagles.

    Just wondering if they are ever going to make offense count, since it decides wars, or if we are only not addressing the problem because the all gemmed accounts outweigh the people quiting. Since one is clearly more important to the bottom line. Cheers, really hope we get something fixed soon. Any way you change it will still be “gamed” unless offense counts for as much as defense. Or anything for that matter. All max attacks falling at #30 tells it all
    They really need to rate on offense case in point out latest match

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    Us. # 88JU9JQO them #20QRPCV2. Start time 12:27 a.m. GMT. This offensive imbalance is atrocious the town hall levels are fairly equal on both sides but they have all Max Heroes pretty much the queen has 194 more levels and the King has 143 more levels compared to our levels I want you to explain to me how that is even remotely Fair. All their bases are Max for their Town Hall level and we have none they are in various stages with only having a couple that are near Max. You really need to reconfigure the matchmaking system scrap what you have because it is nowhere near what it needs to be we have won 13 out of the last 30 Wars for various different reasons we lost but mainly because they had alot more offense. The game is not enjoyable anymore by any means. I don't care if you send me a DM I really want to hear from you guys you're pretty much silent we have no idea if you are ever going to fix this game
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    Clan ID #90Q8LP89
    War began - Sunday February 25 12:30AM GMT
    War ended - 24 hours later

    #1 and #2 were TH10; our top two were TH9. #13 was a TH 7 with max dragons and no walls; we had a couple of new TH7's and several new TH4's who are kids who are just getting up to speed. They scored a perfect 60 against us.

    I would suggest matching based on peak offense (not average offense), vs. total defense, with much more weight on offense than defense. That would force people to start upgrading!

    I would also suggest emphasizing matching the peak offense for #1 and #2 especially -- if they can 3-star the opposing #1-#4, everyone else gets easy matches. Plus, the peak offense determines the quality of the defensive CC.


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    Clan ID: #9GUQLULC
    Clan name: Clash of clans
    War Start Date: 2nd March 2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 12:20 (+05:30GMT)
    Comment: MY team TH 10/9/8 but opponent team TH11/10/9. Plz clan war mismatch solved..😊😊

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    War is pointless

    Still gathering information ? Seems like nothing has improved.

    Clan ID: #PU8QQCQ2
    Clan name: DISCO 2 party
    War Start Date: 02/03/2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 20:30
    Comment: A picture says more than a thousand words, 15v15 and this...

    45/45/20 and a tiny canon
    Reduce your signatures.

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    Clan ID:#UYRC89GJ
    Clan name:RoYaL KiNgDoM❤️
    War Start Date:02 MARCH 2018
    " Been like this in many wars.. unreasonable to be in the losing side just coz of mis-matchups. Valks AI sucked on #1 attack." Half the clan left. Not interested in reporting here. But reporting, so other gamers won't be effected if you improve this ♥♥♥♥t unlike before years.

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    Seems to me you are all lucky to even get a MisMatch. We haven't been able to even get a Match in under 8 hours of searching. And we only have "normal" bases (up to TH8 at the top). It matters not whether we search for 20v20 or 25v25 wars, and doesn't depend on time of day...

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    Thanks for tackling Engineering so thoroughly SuperCell but there's still a lot more to be done. Whenever we war with at least one town hall 11 the opponent ALWAYS has an Engineered town hall 11 somewhere around base no. 4-6. They usually have maxed hound, balloons, witch or bowler. It's highly annoying.

    Also as much as Engineering is being taken on there are still some heavy engineers out there. How in the world does this clan called #6aymartians keep engineering to victory? It's like no matter what SuperCell does they simply out-Engineer them. Nobody can play fair and get a win streak nearing 400.

    How are all those engineered matchups they've gotten fair on their opponents? Take a look at their members and see.

    I wish Engineering can finally just die off already.

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    Clan ID:ROQ8LCUC
    Clan name: Unleash kaos
    War Start Date: 05/03/18
    War Start Time (GMT): 22.55
    Comment: There 1 much higher than ours creating a situation where he should 3 ours and we have no way of 3 ing him and 90% wares are won and lost on the top few attacks. Also of interest is the impact your stupid troop maxxing potions have in wars. Now puny TH11s that aren't even really engineered can pack a serious punch and with the amount of clan games it is fairly easy to stockpile these for close wars. I have 5 but can't use them as my troops are max for my level. So somehow this need to be taken into account now....just when you were getting the hang of engineered bases and you introduce a new factor! So in this war their 5 which matched a TH9 maxxed his troops and took out much higher bases. We only had 1 11 so have no chance to respond.

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