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    only one way to get SC to listen to players

    For 1 year I believed that SC would come up with a solution for matching us against an equal clan, where the outcome wouldnít be highly predictable before war had even started.
    But that is becoming more and more an Idle hope😥

    it seems very simple, SC seems to make much more money on players who play for fun (for me, just doing something without thinking if itís best for war). Just arenít serious, fanatic, addicted to the game as the serious CW players.

    If thatís true we are a small minority, changing things seems to just cost SC too much in respect to their business goals.
    We can complain as much as we want, try to help SC with solutions for better MM nut thatís just not a priority in their goals if they make more than enough money on the average players.

    So unless the average player would stop playing because of unfair MM (lot of average players donít care much about CW anyway....) our problem (our, not SC......) wonít be solved

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    Clan ID: #J90JLVJV
    Clan Name: SmannyFellers
    War Start Date: 12/12/17
    War Start Time (GMT) 9:15pm

    Comment: Our #1 is an almost completely max TH9, me. Our #2 is getting close to being max TH9. Their #1 is mostly max on defences as a TH10! Infernos and all. Their #7 is an engineered TH, with max drags and lightening. The standard cheap OP drag attack. Our war log is being tarnished by cheap OP attacks....

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    I think some of you are on the right track... I don't think Supercell or COC really cares. I haven't been on this forum long, but I can see that some of you have very good ideas for making the MM more fair or even but Supercell just doesn't seem to even acknowledge them or consider them.

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    Feb 2015
    Atlanta, GA
    Clan ID: #2VJUCY88
    Clan name: For GOD'S Glory
    War Start Date: 12/12/17 (prep day start)
    War Start Time (GMT): 11:03 PM GMT (prep day start)

    This is for war against A Man. Honestly, I accept any matchup and take it as a challenge to figure out a plan to win. But my clan mates were frustrated, so I told them I'd post this matchup here.

    Here is the map for our 15v15 war:

    TH11 - 3 (all with maxed inferno and eagle)
    TH10 - 7 (1 does not have infernos)
    TH9 - 1
    TH8 - 4

    TH11 - 8 (4 have eagle and inferno, 1 of those is level 3 inferno)
    TH10 - 5 (3 with infernos)
    TH9 - 1

    I think it is possible for us to win, but the mismatch is crazy.

    We appreciate you looking into matches and continuing to improve the system.

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    Clan ID: #URVVJRR9
    Clan name: Fab Five
    War Start Date: 12/13/17
    War Start Time (GMT): 3:15 PM GMT
    Comment: I am not sure what changed recently, but we are getting multiple matches where enemy has higher offense and defense. And it is not because they are bottom loading with th3s. This war (5v5) has enemy with 5 max defense (all defenses built and leveled; lv2 eagle) and max or close to max offense (1-4 have max lab and heros; 5 has some th11 war troops and 30/30/15). This is to our 3 11s, 1 10 and 1 9. This is completely crazy. No poing in putting in the effort when we need th11 triples to win with fewer th11 attacks. This match was made in two minutes! two minutes! It should never have been made in the first place. And this is not the first one where we matched with a clan that has higher defense and offense recently. Did someone accidentally unplug something? Before the last few, matches made sense. This one doesn't.

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    They have 2 wardens with max troops, we have zero wardens.
    They have 6 ITs, we have 4 ITs.
    We are going to get smoked. Will look up clan info when I can and post.

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    She loves a coc
    0040ish gmt

    We 1 th11, 5 th10, 3 th9, 1 TH7
    Them: 1th 11, 6 th10, 2 th9, 1 TH7.
    The issue is their th10ís were approaching max hero lvl and max troops. Their defenses were also approaching max level. I have never seen the matchup system this whacked. We are at 5 wars in a row where t has been like this. We donít stand a chance. I will post the current war in a minute but it wonít start for another 22 hours. Itís even worse.

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    She loves a coc
    0200 gmt
    We: 1 th11, 3 th10, 5 th9, 1 TH7.
    Them: 3 th11, 2 th10, 4 th9, 1 TH7.

    Hero levels, troops levels. Please do something soon. Iím about to quit the only game Iíve played for the last 3 years. Clan wars is the whole reason I play. Itís been outrageous matchup after outrageous matchup. If I could do math I would try and give you my last 5 wars but I donít have start times available so I canít.

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    Nov 2017
    Clan ID: 2QR2C2YY
    Clan name: Crooked Smiles
    War start date: Dec 14
    War start time: 9pm EST

    This one is easy to describe 5v5.
    We have all th11, max heroes and full max defences 1-3 and almost there on 4-5.
    Opponent has 3 th11 that mirrors our top 3, weak full th11 on their 4 spot with 26/36/14 heroes, and an early th9. ��

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    May 2017
    Bad war match.
    Clan tag #QVY2OROG
    Clan name Valor
    War start Dec 11, 2017 ~11Pm CST

    They had 2 th 8's and 3 th 7's
    We had 2 th 8's, 1 th 7, 1 th 5, and 1 th 3.
    It was not even close to fair.

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