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    This is all such a joke. Total incompetence. War after war. Out matched by TH and eagle defenses etc. Lost interest in doing the work for SC to provide data. Lesson in how to kill their own golden goose.

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    Clan ID: L9GGRGG8
    Clan name: Clan McKrackin
    War Start Date: 12/1/2017
    War Start Time (GMT): 6:35
    Comment: 5vs5 war. our side, 2 TH 10s, 1 TH 9, 1 TH 8, 1 TH 5, enemy team: 2 TH 10s, 3 TH 9s.... not even close...please make it better. Maybe an option to click next with a limit of 3 times to improve matchup?

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    Not giving more info, done it numerous times and can't be bothered. Latest war we have 0 th11s, the opposition has 5 th11s 4 of which have max bowlers and healers. Thanks for another joke of a war supercell, thanks. I'm done. You have finally broken me.

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    I have a question for Supercell.

    For war matching, you believe your current algorithm is performing correctly every single time so you actually need clans to report unfair matchups?

    If yes, that's really disappointing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinionOne View Post
    I have a question for Supercell.

    For war matching, you believe your current algorithm is performing correctly every single time so you actually need clans to report unfair matchups?

    If yes, that's really disappointing.
    If they believed that, then they would not be asking for unfair matchups to be reported.

    They know perfectly well it isn't working right, but it is difficult to programmatically search out which wars are bad matches, that is why they need people reporting them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
    My stats (main account)

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    Clan ID: #9JJP9R8P
    Clan name: **Nanakiz**
    Prep time: 10:15am AEST (GMT+10)

    my clan:
    7 hall 11
    4 hall 10
    2 hall 9
    2 hall 8

    other clan:
    9 hall 11
    6 hall 10

    Now, how can we call this “war matching’ balance”? Could someone please give me a good explanation?
    seriously Supercell, lift your game!

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    We Never Expect to Win Anymore..Takes over 2 Hrs to match us..Even with no Infernos

    Clan ID #PL2GOYGY/ ALlies Rising / Dec1/17.......We have won 7/23 wars since latest war matching upgrade...We are losing this war too..We have no inferno bases, they have one and and a Th11 with a single cannon with 3 maxed Th11 armies, so that kills our top 2. Last war, same..they had several bases with Th11 armies and a large variety of attacks to 3 star us, 73/75. We are matched too with maxed Th11's, with Eagles..we have none..just a Th10. They are getting away with this by using up to 14 single cannon, no wall bases..most of their bases are made by members, totally structured bases..big armies, little bases..except for their powerhouse top

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    Great clan until new rushed th11 take over game

    Clan ID #92V92U00
    Clan Name: Clash Master
    WAR Start date 11/27 and 11/29 and now 12/1
    Start time 1030 pm central time

    Last 2 wars their bottom bases take out all of our top bases because their bottom bases are th11, with guardian and max troops with low to no defenses. I love this game but very discouraging when rushed bases with no defenses crush an almost maxed th10 that has taken over 3 years to build. Now start a new war we have 7 th 10, 3 th 9 going against 6 th11, 2 th10, 2 th9. We don't have a th 11 in the war and they have 6, bottom base has a single canon but maxed lavahound and balloons with a level 10 gaurdian. My clan has very loyal players and have always used attacks in wars but now it isn't even worth attacking when other clan gets 100% on you only using their lowest players. I could understand if our bases were weak but almost maxed th 10 and maxed th9 with maxed walls or close to. You need to fix this before you start losing loyal players.

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    Clash Masterz

    Post above was regarding clan name Clash Masterz

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    Uk adults
    search time 16.15 gmt
    15v15 war
    us one th11 with eagle lvl2
    heros 40,gw 10 rest th10's n th9's
    them 5 th11 top two lvl 2 eagle good heros
    others got max attacks
    pretty much leveled our th10's so think the match up has killed us !!
    Edit looks like engineering still alive and kicking ....all we want is a fair match up..??ps rumours of th12 update again in my humble opinion MMA needs fixing before any more content is added to game folk's
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