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    Has any of this helped you at all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by George90 View Post
    I honestly don't know why I bother. You don't seem to care enough. This mismatch situation is old news.. But anyway.. Since my last post we have been mismatched again (of course), but this mismatch is beyond crazy.

    Clan name: LEGENDS
    War Start Date: 29/11/2017
    War Start Time (GMT): 23:05 (we are currently on preparation day with 16 hours left)

    We have: 9 th10, 8 th9, 3 th8
    They have: 12 th11 (seriously?), 3 th10, 2 th9, 3 th8 (clan id: #CYP2GG8L)

    You need to understand that this is destroying the game. Not all clans can participate in clan war leagues. Not all people can buy max accounts like the elite war clans. Any more excuses are unacceptable.
    "Fair play", "no to bullies"

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    Clan ID:#V09JV2YC
    Clan name: BN War Alliance
    War Start Date: 11-30-2017
    War Start Time (GMT): 20u45

    Second post already... Fix it soon pls. Losing interest as a very dedicated player!

    This time 5 th11 VS 1 th11 on a 15 bases cw!

    Just look to all our clanwars... Almost all mismatched in my eyes since we started the clan (clan lvl3)!

    Will not post again anymore, think the problem is fairly clear by now...
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    A mismatch again, this time not in our favour.
    Clan: Chapter One, #22VOOCGY
    Enemy: #98YYUY8P
    War matched time: 00:50 am GMT
    War spin date: 1 Dec
    Comment: Our 8 th11 plus a max 10 and a small 10 matched 10 th11; their smallest th11 is about the same size as ours (ie. pretty darn big, he has level 2 eagle, level 5 infernos, level 5 xbows). I’m feeling like this one is a waste of 2 days for sure, unless the enemy is completely incompetent. Unusually for us, search ran longer than normal, restarted twice after 30 mins, this match was at 30 minute point third try.
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    Amen - sarcasm welcome.

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    Clan Name:Haterz
    Clan ID:GVLYVY2U
    War start Date: 1rst December, 2017
    War Start Time: 2:00GMT
    Comment: We are being matched with a maxed th10 player when we don't have a single inferno player in our lineup I'd advice you to look at some of our wars before that as most of them are equally bad matches .... Please Fix this because we don't want these unfair matches anymore its killing the spirit of the war especially when you look at the enemy and know that there is no hope of victory it becomes another two days wasted even worse now that its wasting our chance to double the exp earned ..pleease fix
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    CLAN WAR DATE :1st Dec 2017
    CLAN WAR START TIME : 01:04 am (GMT)

    Now this our 3rd war in a raw we are losing due to very unfair mismatch opponent always opponents are advanced how can we win if it continues like this hardly we win one war then lose two to tree war in a raw so please give us advise what to do because we have tried all formulas but it doesn't work our clan mates go so frustrated that some of them they don't play war anymore what is the solution for this we have also wrote more then 50 time to superb cell but nothing got change it same At least if people cannot fix this issue then make like before so at least after we lose 1 or 2 the opponent you get will be compatible

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    Clan ID: #GYU99R8
    Clan name: THE HAMBURGLARS
    War Start Date: Nov 30, 2017
    War Start Time (GMT) : It started at 9:02 PM CST so around 3 PM GMT

    I have noticed that our clan gets mismatched wars when we do a 15v15. 10v10 are much more balanced.

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    Again... it is getting worse
    Clan ID:#Q2RUC9UY
    Clan name:CO LEADER B
    War Start Date: DEC.01
    War Start Time (GMT): ABOUT 16:00 GMT
    Comment:speechless dont know what to say .. just game is going to die soon if things not fixed correctly
    opponent has better defense and offense and highly engineered with super heroes...
    i don't have time to post every warmtach.
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    Our current war is one of the worst we have had.

    Clan ID #9JOJ2QG8
    Name Snowheads
    Currently in Prep day Prep started 23:30 30th Nov

    20v20 war. At the toP, we have 2 TH11, 9 TH10, 5 TH9. They have 3 TH11, 7 TH10, but then they have 5 more TH11s scattered down the list with the lowest at 19, all with warden. Their #19 has no defences, but level 6 dragons & loons, maxed lightning and rage. Can probably 3 star any of our TH9 or below.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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