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    Quote Originally Posted by Infectt View Post
    Clash of Clans used to be a game where leveling up used to be the best and most patient thing in the world. The Old Clash of Clans used to be fun even with 2 weeks wait for upgrade and costly walls coz it was worth it. Now THE GAME HAS BECOME A JOKE ESP AFTER YOU SOLD A STAKE IN IT TO SOME CHINESE COMPANY
    A stake in it? Tencent basically bought SuperCell outright(84%) for $8.6 billion dollars.

    "Tencent has announced that it has acquired a majority ownership of Supercell, the massively profitable Finnish firm behind hit game Clash Of Clans, for around $8.6 billion.Tencent has been rumored to be close to a deal to buy the shares from SoftBank for the past month or so, and today it confirmed that it is acquiring 84 percent of Supercell. The remaining shares will continue to be held by Supercell’s staff, while SoftBank is parting with all of its stake. The transaction values Supercell at around $10.2 billion." -

    My son laughed when I told him what is happening. He said; 1. This is what Chinese Game makers do with games (specials events and discounts), and 2. CoC is dying.
    My son focuses on coding and the game engines companies use, not the actual game play, so he wasn't surprised at all by what is happening since Tencent took over.
    My second(?) cousin is in charge of the textures and accessory graphics department at EA. They said the same thing.

    I found none of this very comforting as CoC is my "escape". Has anyone else seen any info elsewhere? The silence coming from SuperCell is deafening.
    Flying blind in Clash because the new update has crashed my phone. Thank goodness for my ancient tablet!

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    This is a stinker. Really needs a look.
    Can't see any compensation for extra sizeable offence AND defence advantages to the opponent.

    It is a 40v40 and search did run a good while. Won't be doing any 40vs in future, if the available pool and acceptable variance is like this.


    Pennington mob.

    War (prep day) start 05:10 GMT 20/11

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    Clan ID: #YYYJLQQ
    Clan name: WarKings 2
    War Start Date: November 20, 2017
    War Start Time (GMT): 17:50
    Second match after warden weight update, 20vs20:
    Our: 15 TH11, 5 TH9
    Them: 20 TH11

    Just no comments: 20 level 20 wardens vs 15 not all maxed
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrudgeTaker View Post
    Clan ID: #Y9LJC2Y9
    Clan name: Clan Warriors!
    War Start Date: 20/11/17
    War Start Time (GMT): 19:00ish
    Comment: Another highly engineered clan, we have two th11s, our opponents have EIGHT th11s all with at least max laloon troops and all with wardens, we have four max attacks, they have SIXTEEN max attacks. Shameful.
    Their no10 (an engineered th11) in a 20v20 war, just 3 starred our no3 (a near max th10). They only have 15 maxed attacks left... this isn’t my idea of fun.

    Their no8 has a maxed warden, whatever weight you added to wardens is not enough by any stretch.
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    They honestly donít care about this issue. I think they just want you frustrated so you may buy more gems
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    Clan name: SpiralStaircase
    Clan tag: #JUG8ULVR
    War start: 20th November 13:30PM GMT (Start of Preparation Day)
    War end: 22nd November 13:30PM GMT (End of Battle Day)

    This was my clan's war lineup:
    4 th11
    1 th10
    5 th9
    7 th8
    8 th7
    2 th6
    2 th5

    This was the enemy clan's lineup:
    5 th11
    3 th10
    6 th9
    10 th8
    5 th7
    1 th6

    There's no chance we'll win with this kind of lineup. Please look into this.

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    That bush on your base.
    The Divine Ones
    War Start Date: 11/29/17
    10:54 PM (GMT)

    My lineup consisted of all "normal bases" yet I keep getting matched up not only with engineered clans, but I am a new TH10 (Only Teslas upgraded) and the top player in the other ckan is consistently near max TH10s aside from walls.

    I like to try to include my lower TH members in war but I fear this is getting us labeled as engineered even though my lower TH members are doing their own attacks.

    There has to be a way for a clan with a variety of TH levels to get fair matchups.

    My team:
    1.New Th10
    2. Mid level Th9
    3. New Th9
    4. High Level Th8
    5 High level Th8
    6. Mid/High Level Th7
    7. Mid Level Th7
    8. Mid Level Th7
    9. Max Th5
    10. Th4

    Opposing Clan
    1. Near Max Th10
    2. Max Th9
    3 New Th9
    4. Near Max Th7
    5. New Th7
    6. Engineered Th10
    7. New Th7
    8. Max Th5 ( No attacks used)
    9. The 3 (No attacks used)
    10. Th5 with only 1 canon (No attacks used.

    There is no way we can compete on the top end with a clan like this when our top 2 are insanely outmatched by their top 2.

    Small clans need love too.

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    Jan 2016
    Clan id ppjujyvq
    Name "the defender"
    War start 21/11 22:00 gmt
    We would all like to know why our balanced line up is running into engineered clans...we have no .5s...opposing unfairplay clan has 2 minimax 11s with max 4 extra max strength hits... you say you are keen to fix this and yet fairplay clans continue to be shafted and sacrificed...this needs to are lucky ...people really care about this game..its about time that care is reciprocated.

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    War starts 11/21 9:00 PM EST
    War ends 11/22 9:00 PM EST.

    We have 2 TH11s and 4 TH10s. They have 5 th11s and 4 th10s with 3 th11s and 2 th10s in the bottom 6 of a 15v15 war.

    It's time to stop the useless incremental changes and fix the matchmaker. Stop matching us with garbage Engineers.

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    War mismatch

    Clan ID: 2QLV8PCV
    Clan name: WARROAD
    War Start Date: 21 Nov 2017
    War Start Time (Central Time): 20:28 22NOV2017


    War mismatchs, these are getting old!
    We have :

    They have

    These type of matchups are killing clans. Why would you want to war when you go into a war that puts you at such a disadvantage?

    IDK what the correct way to fix this is, but maybe auto assign a war weight for a TH that is at least the max war weight of the TH below it. Example: an Engineered TH11 carries at a minimum the MAX war weight of a TH10 and so on for the rest of the THs.

    Then have the offensive troop levels add to that war weight to make it even higher.

    Right now I feel like nothing is being done to correct this and should tell my clan since we can beat the Engineer Bases, join them and have everyone just upgrade their THs to 11. Then it'll be 10-TH11 vs 10-whatever TH levels. This isn't the correct answer but it's getting tiresome getting rolled by these types of clans.
    Thank you

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