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    Jul 2015
    The post before me by PhedUp capture our circumstances exactly. Virtually all of our wars come down to the enemy having an extra (or a few extra) TH12s.

    Clan ID: 82R2G08U
    Clan Name: Ancient Hunters (was really hoping for a clan name change to rid ourselves of this lame moniker)
    Our last 3 out of 4 wars. Most recent started 7/10 around 8:15PM CST

    We tied, but lost by a percentage because they outnumbered us at TH11 and TH12. In fact, we feel like the matchmaker beat us, not the clan we warred against.
    Proud coleader of Ancient Hunters (#82R2G08U), a US based, adult war clan

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    Clan leuven 2
    11/07/18 21u06min
    12/07/18 22u06min

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    I would like to say I think the match ups have improved

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    Can you please take a look at our war match— it is a complete mismatch
    Clan I’d—#89RCGLJG
    clan name—The Shadow Gate
    war start—15 July 2018
    war time—2:30 pm
    Comment— Mismatch US—1-th12;2-th11;1-th10;2-th9;3-th8. Our OPP—2-th12; 3-th11; 3 th9; 2–th8,
    this is a huge mismatch. Not sure how you run search for the war— but we would rather wat a longer amount of time for a match then be mismatched to save time.
    also they have an engineered base. You artificially add war weight to th that have been t

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    Clan ID: #8RGUGGQU
    Clan name: Orange Crush
    War Start Date: 7/18/2018
    War Start Time (GMT): startTime = 20180718T205525.000Z

    Me again. Pretty easy to spot whats wrong in a 15v15 war they have 5 eagles to our 3, 16 infernos to our 12 and an extra warden. As long as I'm posting I'll mention they have 2 level 3 eagles and we have none. How can your matchmaker do so bad? 4 out of 15 bases are a complete mismatch and at the TOP. If you screw up the 4 at the bottom nobody cares but the top has to be fair.

    And in case it matters we are on a 3 war win streak and opponent is on a 6 win streak... no duh, we'd be on a billion win war streak if we got the other side of this matchup!

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    Clan #88JU9QU enemy clan #8U9OULY2 start july 18 time now you look it up im too ♥♥♥♥♥♥. They have an extra 12 we have a couple of extra 11s but none of that really matters every single 9 10 11 are all Max bases Max Heroes on the enemy side. It's a 25 War and all our th9 we only have like two that are maxed and are tens we have a couple that are maxed elevens various stages. As far as th12 we had no Giga Tesla's they had two. I can't hardly get my clan on to do war attacks. I don't see any way that we could have match this way and it being fair. If your goal is destroyed morale then you accomplished it congratulations. The only thing we get to look forward to is when this thing is over and we can move on. This Thread is ridiculously long and there is literally no improvement. Tired of your excuses fix it please

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    Feb 2017
    Clan ID: #9YYL0GC8
    Clan name: JAVA Clans
    War Start Date: 18.07.2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 10PM GMT (around)
    Comment: Here are the standing:

    My Clan : 3 TH12, 3 TH10, 4 TH9,1 TH8, 2 TH7, 1 TH6, 1 TH4
    Opponent clan : 3 TH12, 2TH11 (with high heroes), 2 TH10, 3 TH9, 2 TH8, 2 TH7,1 TH6.

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    Mar 2016
    Clan ID: #Q0PU82PU
    Clan name: Winged Seals
    War Start Date: prep day started July 19, 2018
    War Start Time (GMT): prep day started at about 1:40am GMT
    Comment: our lineup includes no engineered/rushed bases. The enemy clan dark nazgul #8U8QLPV9 has two engineered/rushed th11s nestled between their th10s and th9s.

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    1) Clan ID #8JG8GVG
    2) ALASKA
    3) 07/21/2018 (Alaska time) 07/22/2018 (GMT)
    4) 10:34 pm (Alaska time) 6:34 am (GMT)

    Our TH 12s our martched fairly evenly (#1-6)
    Then it gets interesting

    Our team has 1 TH 11 with eagle (#7) next 2 TH 11s (#8-9) just upgraded from 10 no eagles upgraded army camps or offensive troop levels yet.

    Bases (#10-12) we have TH 10s with infernos (#13-15) TH 10s without infernos.

    Bases (#16-17) mid level TH 9s

    Bases (#18-19) Low level TH 8s

    Base (#20) TH 6

    Their team!!! Doan Ket with glyphs that appear German?
    As said above 1-6 fairly even

    Bases (#7-11) TH 11s with eagles (which in my opinion adds a lot of challenge to defeating the base with TH 10 troops HP levels) just in this section they have 4 more bases with eagles then us.

    Bases (#12-14) TH 10s all with infernos

    Base (#15) a TH 11 with a warden

    Bases (#16-19) TH 9s with both heroes except 1 base only has king

    Base (#20) th 10 without infernos or Xbows but both heroes and decent level defenses. (Compared to our th 6 &#128540

    I will say I feel matchups have improved drastically but as we get further in our win streak the matchups are becoming more off set. I just feel bad for our lower level guys because they aren’t able to really add to war as their opponents our way beyond their attack ability. Essentially our last 3 attackers won’t be able to star anything in the war.
    Thank you for your time!!

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    Apr 2018
    Clan ID: 20G0RRP22
    Clan name: Shoot For Three
    War Start Date: July 21, 2018
    War Start Time (GMT): 11:25 EST
    Comment: The #5 base for us was a TH8 not even closed to max the Opposition #5 was a engineered th8 defense but was a TH12 with Barb King 11 Queen 12 warden with 8 we didn't even have a th12 in any of our 5 bases was 5vs5. the top 4 were all evenly matched this was an embarassing mismatch made by your algorithium. and easy win for them their "#5" base was able to easily destroy us.

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