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Thread: 🔥 Fire & Iced ❄️ Official Recruitment Thread ★★★

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    🔥 Fire & Iced ❄️ Recruiting Non-Rushed TH10+s for War, CWL, & Clan Games!

    Who are we?

    We are the Fire & Iced Clan Family. We currently consist of 2 Clash of Clans clans, a Clash Royale clan, and a less developed Brawl Stars clan. Our goal is to push members to their full potential and win together as a clan, while having an enjoyable time playing the game in a friendly, drama-free environment.

    Clan Tag: #UPRUU8LC

    Clan Level: 14

    War League: Master II

    Clan Info & Stats (Why join us?)

    HERE to view F&I's ClashOfStats page

    • Part of Crimson Alliance - Join their Discord here:
    • International English-Speaking Clan
    • Non-Stop & High Percentage Wars
    • CWL is open for well-performing TH11/12s
    • Max Clan Games
    • Friendly & Welcoming, & Supportive Environment
    • Discord is REQUIRED to join (More info below)

    Join Requirements

    TH9: 40+ Combined Hero Levels
    TH10: 50+ Combined Hero Levels
    TH11: 70+ Combined Hero Levels
    TH12: 80+ Combined Hero Levels

    Note: Please apply through the Discord server by posting a screenshot of your profile or your player tag.


    Discord is a free Text Communication app made for gaming communities. It allows organized chats via seperated channels, posting pictures & links, tagging people when they are needed, and much more cool features that the in-game Clash of Clans chat doesn't allow.

    Fire & Iced has a Discord community with currently around 100 members from Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, & Brawl Stars. Our Discord features the Sidekick bot, which shows useful clan updates regularly, including recent upgrades, war attacks, & members joining & leaving. Members that wish to join the Fire & Iced clan MUST join Discord.

    Click HERE to join Discord!


    Have any additional questions? Want more information? Reply to this thread, join our Discord server, or DM me on Discord - Techno#8678. We look forward to you joining us!
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