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Thread: 🔥 Fire & Iced ❄️ Official Recruitment Thread ★★★

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    🔥 Fire & Iced ❄️ Recruiting Non-Rushed TH10+s for War, CWL, & Clan Games!

    Who are we?

    We are Fire & Iced. Our goal is to push members to their full potential and win together as a clan, while having an enjoyable time playing the game in a friendly, drama-free environment.

    Clan Tag: #UPRUU8LC

    Clan Level: 14

    War League: Master II

    Clan Info & Stats (Why join us?)

    HERE to view F&I's ClashOfStats page

    • International English-Speaking Clan
    • Non-Stop & High Percentage Wars
    • CWL is open for well-performing TH12/13s
    • Consistent max Clan Games
    • Friendly, Welcoming, & Supportive Environment
    • Discord is REQUIRED to join (More info below)
    • Part of Crimson Alliance - Join their Discord here:

    Join Requirements

    TH10: 50+ Combined Hero Levels
    TH11: 75+ Combined Hero Levels
    TH12: 90+ Combined Hero Levels
    TH13: 100+ Combined Hero Levels

    Note: Please apply through the Discord server by posting a screenshot of your profile or your player tag.


    Discord is a free Text Communication app made for gaming communities. It allows organized chats via seperated channels, posting pictures & links, tagging people when they are needed, and much more cool features that the in-game Clash of Clans chat doesn't allow.

    We have a Discord community with currently around 80 members from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Our Discord features the Sidekick bot, which shows useful clan updates regularly, including recent upgrades, war attacks, & members joining & leaving. Members that wish to join the Fire & Iced clan MUST join Discord. Anyone is welcome to join our Discord server to discuss the game or just hang out!

    Click HERE to join Discord!


    Have any additional questions? Want more information? Reply to this thread, join our Discord server, or DM me on Discord - Techno#8678. We look forward to you joining us!
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