It's a great opportunity to be playing for a YouTube clan and be known rather than just playing in anonymity.

If you have never heard of my YouTube Channel, it is called Gaming Shastra. And one of my most watched video is this one, you may have watched it. Legend of Black tiger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUqOrz0RAVg.

I am in dying need for clan mates for my clan. I have been inactive for months and now I've come alive.

Requirement :

  • TH7/7+
  • Atleast 150 war stars
  • Golden Shield
  • max troops and air defences

Info on my clan :

  • Tag : #RGROPCR2
  • Name : Infinity Hunter
  • Clan Level : 5
  • Languages : English / Hindi, English(dominant)
  • Location : India

Thanks so much for reading.