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    Exclamation RESOLVED: Hay Day Short Maintenance Part 3 (17.10.2017)

    Status update: We are back online, and it seems everything is working as normal! Please let us know if you see something strange happening again. So so sorry for the inconvenience, but Alfred will be visiting all players soon!

    Hey Guys!

    The team has been looking into the reported Derby and the Neighborhood issues and we will do a maintenance in a second to try to fix them. Since the issue came as a surprise to all of us (servers almost melted down), we need to deploy the fix and then see what happens. I'd love to promise a smooth sail after the maintenance, but this time I can only hope for one.

    Stay tuned, and we are terribly sorry for the hassle. This was completely unexpected.


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    Thank you Nick!

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    I hope the chat problem will be solved.
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    Do what needs to be done, I personally know the team will fix things as they come up.

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    Thank you for the update Nick!~ finger's crossed!
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    Thx for keeping us in the loop...

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    Hey, hi. My neighborhood is like totally gone, I am opted out of the derby, I cannot see any of my neighbors, cannot see my chat, itís crazy? I donít understand it was totally fine after the update. Help.

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    Lol, you win the popularity contest today. Thanks for info Nick. Hope all of our day gets better. Diamond day?
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    Hi Nick,

    My sauce machines that olive dip problem. You post that olive dip is level 66. But my machine that show can do the olive dip but donít have lemon tree.

    Can you help solve the problem thanks Nick.

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    Thank you for reassuring us that action is being taken to fix the issues! Cheers!

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