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    Sooo....which one of you broke hay day?

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    Lol... I don't think I broke it.... but I am used to accepting the blame. Go ahead...

    We can talk it out at the next Hay Day addiction meeting,

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    Still in maintenance. Sadly, I had hired Tom for 24 hours, and the final run is due in less than 5 minutes. I hope they'll make good on that somehow.

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    Yes my two farm helpers had 8 and 14 hrs left on them when the problems started and I only hired tom Sunday. All these products I'm missing out on that I'm trying to sell to get the flower stall. Very frustrating I'm unemployed so money is a big issue for me at the min. Every hour missed is a lot of revenue I've missed out on. I do hope they are paused or give us some compensation diamonds or tom/farm helper cards. Pls

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    Game still unstable even after the Maintenance (‶⊙︵⊙″)
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    Still glitchy

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    FYI, the chat and derby board are still slow. I hope the poor servers are okay!

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    Same problems after the maintenance! Good luck finding the problem!!

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    So do I dare pull off my completed task that awarded points for the derby but says expired and shows 0% progress?

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    after maintainance

    two minutes long I've seen the derby board,

    I told my neighbours my choice...

    tried to select a task...

    derby board is loading and loading and loading

    I shut down the game, start new

    now I am opted out from the derby

    it is 17:04 in Austria and I can't play derby...

    I make another cup of coffee, but I would like to play...

    I can't see the chat and the derby board shows: we count the derby progress :-)

    I am a little bit frustrated but I must laugh....
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