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Thread: New shop is bad

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    New shop is bad

    The new shop is so bad
    It is so limited
    And sometimes you can't buy your favorite card (not even a single card) while you have much gold but you don't have gems,

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    Agree the shop is atrocious forcing people to overspend on cards and thus not be able to donate for a small increase return. The bulk buy is only worthwhile if you value that card enough and 19 times out of twenty you don't because it's the wrong card.

    With the reduction of free chest into oblivion, negative equity from donations on rares, constant rare donation requests, progression of rare cards is at an all time low, don't know if anyone else is feeling the pinch but I certainly am.
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    Removing the micro purchases removed any incentive to buy rares or commons, they just got to expensive compared to donate cost

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    New shop is good

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