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Thread: Beta minions

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    Beta minions

    U can never ever predict the target whilst deploying a minion on far away structures. The long shot ability is so weird sometimes the minion will take a straight 90 degrees turn attacking a object.
    Here are some of my observations

    1. When u deploy the minion diagonally say from corner of base towards centre the minion will target the nearest structure but instead of taking a straight path towrads it, it will make 90 degree turn.

    2. Impossible to predict the target when the minion is deployed in a straight line( from centre of two corners towards centre of village).

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    at least they are smarter than BM lol

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    Yeah it;s pretty terrible. Was hoping that it would get fixed in this past update. But, here we are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribul View Post
    Yeah it;s pretty terrible. Was hoping that it would get fixed in this past update. But, here we are.
    Also what is terrible is when you drop a few minions in the same spot, same target, and every single one fans out in a different direction placing themselves NOT where intended, right in range to be picked off by defenses instead of going straight to the target where they should.

    Even worse, is when you save 4-5 cleanup minions and turns out you need to snipe the last bit of the builder hall and the units REDIRECT after completing the long shots on the BH, similar to the cannon cart's last stand re-target glitch.

    I have only had it happen to me a few times but it is absolutely crushing to have 70-80+% and watch your last minion switch it's target off the BH with a sliver of hp and you get a 1 star instead of a pretty sure win.

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