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Thread: Friendly wars don't use current bases..

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    Friendly wars don't use current bases..

    I've tried to search other posts about this, I'm surprised not to find any.. or my searching skills are poor. So I thought I better make one. My clan doesn't do friendly wars very often, so every time we have one, there's always one person who doesn't update their base, because why would they need to? They have a active war base selected, so they would assume that base is going to be selected? But no thats not the case. It's happened to a few others, and me because I had totally forgot about this problem we had last time. I've jumped into a friendly war, and it's automatically set an old TH9 base (I am now max 10) which must've been the last base I used in a friendly, and this base isn't even in an any of my home or war bases.. I don't have the habit of checking which war base is there because I usually know which one I want. I understand now that I should have changed it in prep, but I can guarantee in 6months or a years time when the next friendly happens that I and others will forget and again will cause big frustration. Seems like such a small and dumb mistake which is likely to lose friendly wars.

    So my suggestion would be that friendly war bases should default to current war base that is selected like it would be with a normal clan war, not use a base that you used in the last friendly from a year ago. Please

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    If it used the current base people would do short FW with second accounts that have copied enemy bases that their main account is facing to practice attacks. It has to have the 24hr cool down on changes, which means the FW base has to be a copy, and not the current war base
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