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Thread: Level 139 Active Derby player looking for Champion league

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    Level 139 Active Derby player looking for Champion league

    Farm Name: Cherry's Farm
    Love to play derby. Complete 9 derbies @ 320 each
    Looking for Champion League with active players of derbies.

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    nanas funny farm sounds good for you!

    Supportive, helpful, friendly, hardworking farmers here!

    My farm tag: 2RUYJORCV

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    Quote Originally Posted by 120017 View Post
    Farm Name: Cherry's Farm
    Love to play derby. Complete 9 derbies @ 320 each
    Looking for Champion League with active players of derbies.
    Hi there :0)
    I did send you a private message

    Yvonne Leader of Zissou :0)
    Tag: #2LCV92UO
    118 gold

    Are you the addict we are looking for?

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    Hi check out tropical breezes. Hood tag 20Q02GRV . My level is 151, town 54. We have no drama or slackers. All 10 tasks, reg derby 320 Pts. Theme derby 320+ . We have players from around the world, any questions please send pm. Thanks

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    We are looking for a couple more players. We are a small but active hood and are derby focused. My tag is 8JJUQJYC. BLUE RIBBON DERBY.


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    I forgot...
    Hello there,
    Come visit us if not in derby this week, see link in my signature for our NH information, and good luck.

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    Tipsy Derby has become a family of 4 but we are looking for more members!

    We looking for someone who shares the same values as us.

    We are looking for some one who wants to be part of a TEAM.

    Someone who shares when they have plenty and isn't too greedy or needy. We like to help, as long as you're also helping.

    someone who is competitive and likes to win. We like to place top 3. We hate to loose. We hate "leaving goodies on the table."

    We know this is only a game. You can opt out of the derby. if you dont like the play the derby every week,THATS FINE!

    We love the derby We dont do anything in the farm unless its a derby task (ie: water plants, fill boats, run truck orders, mining. The only exception is the town.

    If you are in the derby you must do all 9 of your tasks and do +300 point tasks. WE ARE ALL DOING 320 tasks now.

    You will be promoted to ELDER to help trash tasks.

    We like to chat sometimes, but sometimes we just take a quick visit to check on things and not feeling super chatty. But will say Hi! and ask if you need anything.

    We are looking for adults please no children sometimes our conversations are a little adult for small children.

    We dont really care what level you are on as long as you can help.

    If this sounds good to you, and something you want to be part of please come join us.

    We are the only hood called "tipsy derby" please use password "MOM" when you request to join.

    We look forward to meeting and playing derby with you soon.

    Thank you

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    Where Oceans Meet - Hood L King for you!!

    So you've lost your mo-jo and you're searching for a fun and friendly hood that loves to do Derby? Awesome, look no further you've arrived at your forever hood
    Our lovely neighbourhood is called "Where Oceans Meet". Our team of like minded hoodies are active daily farmers who have been brought together by the oceans that once separated us

    We are looking for friendly farmers who are chatty and helpful and have passion to help us to make our lil hood grow!! Communication and chat is also important here and whilst we would love to welcome worldwide friends it's important that new members communicate in English only please

    Our agreed level for tasks is set at 315 and above for ordinary Derby and 320 and above for special Derbies

    Recruitment is set at ACTIVE level 55 & above

    We are all adult players who are fair and inclusive.
    No drama here though we do have a few rules to ensure enjoyable play for all

    Must be Derby competitive
    Must complete ALL tasks at 315 (ordinary) 320 (special)
    A 10th task will be very welcome if competition is close
    You may opt out of the derby if needed but please don't remain inactive for too long
    English speaking worldwide members welcome
    Helpful, friendly and fair with your neighbours
    In game chat essential
    Always acknowledge with a please and thank you
    Keep stocked up please - no beggars or scroungers
    Sell at your own set price
    Task reserving not permitted
    Exchange crops daily is encouraged in birdhouse achievement
    Keep your town turning over

    Adults only please

    We would remind possible joiners to make themselves aware of the following:

    To be fair to the whole team if a player hasn't completed a minimum of 7 tasks by mid Sunday before Derby end WITHOUT CONTACT and/or WITHOUT VERY GOOD REASON they will be asked to leave before Derby ends. We think it's unfair that deliberate non finishers get the same rewards as those who strived to complete all tasks

    We want all members to speak out politely if there's an issue and offer ideas too, we value this

    All members who join us will be promoted to an elder status following agreement of rules

    If our hood sounds like your forever hood and you believe you're a perfect candidate then come on over, we are waiting to meet you

    Neighbourhood: Where Oceans Meet
    Tag: #9OL2YOCG

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    🏆Once Upon a Derby🏆 is a derby loving hood who places 1st or 2nd every week🤗🤗 we are looking for 2 more like minded members to join us. We are 12 weeks old n 22 members world wide 🇨🇦🇸🇬🇺🇸🇬🇧🇲🇾
    Couple of rules:
    👩🏻♥🌾Nh request is for crops so u can help ur Neighbours get their achievements fast n easy🌽🍅🌶🥕🍎🍓
    Boat: pls always put up ads when u open up crates for help I like using full price indigo. It's ur boat so be proactive in getting it done 🚢🚢🚢
    Shop: pls share with everyone n don't buy out all, if u are the only one online pls feel free to buy it all out🛍
    Derby: if opted in pls finish all the task.
    Regular derby is 312+ x9 diamond task is not required 🐎 320+ x 9 for special derby. Once a month we do a gold run at 312+ 10th mandatory. Though most try to do all 320s for regular derby, derby lovers n reliable players here
    Pls opt out if busy or unable to complete the week's derby

    Made elder upon joining.

    Most of all be kind to ur Neighbour, practice a little kindness n help. We sometime play in hood games to give away stuff just to make more fun for u 👑

    check us out at ✨Once Upon a Derby✨ only hood with that name. Lvl 75 n English speaking pls 😊

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    The Meadows .. like to Derby, love to WIN

    We are a championship league Hood. We are looking for players from all over. Right now we have members from USA, Canada, UK and Australia. But wherever you are you will be welcomed! We are English speaking only group. We would love for players with like minds to join us.

    Our like minds would include:

    ---Chat is what we like to do while farming and playing the derby!

    —If you will not be active for some reason that must be communicated also. We will maintain an active hood

    —DERBY Champion League 320+ tasks x 9 10th is optional

    —Please opt out if you can’t derby on a given week

    —Be Polite. Please and thank you goes a long way!

    ---Must be level 50 or higher and an adult! (We Can lower the level so please message me) Sorry no kids or teenagers.

    ---We want players that are helpful to everyone. We are all players that are very very willing to help you with tasks and also expansion

    —We want to have fun. No Drama

    We are a strong and friendly group and need good solid members to help us grow! Hood hoppers do not need to bother us! We want members that want to find the hood that's right for them and for us! Are you the one?
    Give us a shout and a "Holler"...

    We are....The Meadows
    Purple Horse Yellow Background

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