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Thread: War Algorithm is Broken again! Please fix it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    Originally I suggested a check that just plain requires the same number of top halls, but Dorsan's figures showed that would never work for bigger wars. So, I think something similar, but allowing it to be one hall off, then two halls off, etc. as the wars get bigger would work.
    Have to agree having looked at Dorsan's posts... Any clan worth their salt could handle an extra th11 or two at 20v20.
    Its when the disparity worsens and that same clan faces 4 or 5 more 11's.

    I was recently in the FE clan and we ran a 50v war with around 13 full th11s and a couple of engi 11s... I lost count of the enemy 11s after 30... They matched us full 11 for 11 and the rest were mostly like 10.5s or 9.5s... most had max offence and heroes and then 5 or 6 th3s at the bottom.

    Crazy match but we had a great time in chat and some fun scaring them a bit.
    Leader of war clan vVv

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    As long as we are proposing fixes I want to repeat my earlier suggestion that we apply a multipliers to attack or defense part of the score depending on location in the lineup.

    So if each base has a war weight that is A (attack) plus D (defense) it might look like this:

    Top 20% A+2D
    Next 20% 1.25A + 1.75D
    middle 20% 1.5 A + 1.5D
    Next 20% 1.75A + 1.25D
    bottom 20% 2A + D

    Also attack score needs to be based on best 3 troops/spells. No one makes Noah's Ark attacks in war.

    But I realize SC is not looking to me for a solution. I just like tilting at that windmill.
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