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Thread: Clan War Matchmaking

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    Clan War Matchmaking

    Posting on behalf of my clan. Please take clan wars back to the original settings. It is no where near as fair play as it used to be. We are being matched with th11s all the time. For example, a 15 base war, their #7 will be a th11.....rushed...with higher lvl troops and will 3 star our top 2 bases easily.. we have no chance in winning a war. It's just getting worse. Guys and gals don't even care about being in war anymore.

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    It's very difficult to be objective given the amount of information you have supplied the forum, but I assume you don't have any TH11 bases.
    There are however numerous other examples of clans experiencing TH11 ( with Warden and Troops) disparity.
    Do you have any big TH10's?
    We've experienced a TH11 disparity in 12 out of our last 14 wars, probably because we tend to have near Max TH10's.
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    Doesn't matter what information he has supplied the fact that there was a max troop th11 lurking down in 7th position was able to three star their 1-2 and says it all, you can't compete with that it's garbage.

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    th10s with good heroes are getting punished immensely with the changes.

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    High level th10s were already bad for war before recent changes in my opinion (same goes for th8s).
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