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Thread: Imitation Game not allowing attacks

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    Server Error 3

    I have the same issue. I need the imitation game to get gold for hero upgrades.

    However Server Error 3 stops me.

    Also diamond chest didn't disappear after touching.

    Was this even tested before being released?

    Those are my two bugs, perhaps others could add more?
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    In the same boat, just wasted PP, pity they couldn't send an in game message, so players don't waste their resources, hopefully we get some PP back as part of fix.

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    Same here on ios 11, but i don’t get error code it just loads the base for me.

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    Same for me

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    Same for me, help me....

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    Same problem with Imitation Game! I can scout but it gives "Server Error 3" error message if I try to attack...

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    Mine also have problem. Cant attack imitation game.

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    Same problem on all 16 of my accounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by LieutenantGavin View Post
    Yes it looks like this update your "outsourced" "It Department" in "India" has done a 100% job.

    Ie everything with this update has bugs.
    From experience this one won't be fixed

    There is one way of fixing.

    SUPERCELL please send all players the last update before this update.

    This update pretty much makes a lot of the game that we enjoy unplayable & everything else is combined with so many bugs, that it is full of difficulties that we need to overcome to play, but often overcome us.

    Im a real loser I just used my last 6 vital power powder for Imitation Day. Not happy.

    Please Supercell send us the previous update so that the game is playable.
    Do you have a source for your India outsourcing?

    Also do you have a list of bugs for the developers?

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    Same problem here.

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