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Thread: Is touchDown 2v2 ready for 100 gems challenge?] - i don't think so...

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    it happened also to me a couple times, but in a 1vs1

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    I had this before this update in a 2v2. Me & my mate(random) played & won. We got 2-1 but when I went to log & watched the replay it was a 0 - 1 loss with different troops interactions than what we had seen.... This happened once though. But if someone before told me this I wouldn't believe probably since the server/client sync should be really solid than if it is lost the client should restart or at least disconnect when non happened i my case or OP's case. Hope these are being fixed currently

    Thanks for ClashOfHolmes for his great work!

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    If only Supercell really spent time going through the forum... there won't be that many negative feedback. I have raised my concern on whether clash royale is ready for 100 gems challenge (my argument skewed towards bug instead of player's participation).

    I have spent 200 GEMS on this challenge so far . Being said having tough time in practice mode, I find it easier to play with random people than clan mate. When I team up with my friend, we hardly win. But when I team up with random people, we crush them. My trophy is 4.1k. My friend is 2.8k. When we team up, we fight team with both players at 3.8k... awesome...
    so far, I have completed 1 challenge at 6-3(all quick match) but all those matches tooks forever to match and it makes me worry. Come on, I am not even at 5k yet and It takes so much time to load now.. Currently 1-0 on second challenge challenge and I am getting sick of queueing for the quick match.

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    any challenge with 2v2 base don't worth 100 gems.

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    with all the bugs in this update I decided to wait. after reading some of these threads this will be the first challenge I wont waste my gems on.

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    I regret ever spending 100 gems. hog rider destroyed this mode. I barely had 3 wins...

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