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Thread: Latest war search the difference between 10v10 and our first 25v25 war

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    Latest war search the difference between 10v10 and our first 25v25 war

    So for tbe last 3 months we have done nothing but 10v 10 wars with the line up being 1 max th10 and 9 max th7 and every war has been pretty fair and to be honest with our line up it should be anyway today we decided to wade in to deeper waters and see what would happen so rather tben do a 50v 50 and temp fate to much we went for a 25 v 25 and again we pick 1 max th10 then 15 max th7 and 9 max th6 the war search completes and yup the mm is poor the enemys top base is a max th8 then there's 15 weak th8 bases 8 max th7 and 2 max th5 bases so its a easy win for us and i feel sorry for the enemy because how a max th10 matches up with a max th8 is beyond me that really should never happen
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