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Thread: Event so far...thoughts?

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    Event so far...thoughts?

    Well, I have to admit...this event has been a bit more challenging than I previously thought it would be. Long made short...I’ve inadvertently overflowed storages several times now and, owing to the lack of notice/preparation for such an event, getting my games to where I can manage the resource flow has not been working out.

    Several of my games had just reached upgrade levels of resources and/or were already in the process of multi-day upgrades. The worst was my main - I was one day into upgrading my MultiMortar to level 7 and my Beta Minions to level 13. After nearly nonstop losses, I caved and spent $20 on gems to wrap both. (Nothing is worse at BH7 than having that MM down.) It’s now at a point where I should be able to manage the resources with minimal loss; the F2P games are still a work in progress.

    Another thing - competition is fierce. I’ve never seen so many one-star endings and draws. Case in point: I’ve been working on one of my games the last 15 minutes or so and I have 4 losses, 2 draws, and zero wins. It’s been rough ever since the update - at least for me - and I’m absolutely bleeding trophies. Good for the game, but frustrating for me. (Of course, having key defenses like the MM down doesn’t help.)

    I think there’s a lot of gemming going on at the moment, as it seems like I’m suddenly seeing a LOT more maxed structures and near max BH7 games all over the place. A bunch of the F2P crowd seems to have caught up to the BH7 Bonus Pack crowd as well.

    What are y’all seeing?
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    As a bh6 player seeing so many bh7 starting at 2550 trophies. Can't reach higher enough. My mind changed and put bh to upgrade on 7.

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    Good observations Noc, I too am having trouble battling-- I have managed to stay around the same trophy range thus far through day 1, but getting my wins every 8 hours has been tough! There is some fierce competition, idk if there are more players dropping down but I am barely having time to get the wins in the amount of time I set out to play due to the number of battles. I just barely got my third win this morning before work, hopefully I have enough time at lunch to get three more W's.

    As far as resource management, I have a spreadsheet made so I have been following along. I was OK with gold having the builder just come free, but as far as elixir I am in the same boat I started NW13 just before the update. I have gems to finish I think I am going to have to bite the bullet to stay on schedule.

    Supercell's plan is working out perfectly, huge influx of gemming I imagine.

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    spent on only these so far

    2nd elixir storage to lvl7
    CT to lvl6
    minion to lvl13

    tomorrow's plan
    new tesla lvl2, lvl3
    new firecracker lvl3
    one gold storage to lvl7
    (if gold is spilling, few walls to lvl3)

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    I guess it depends on which troop people chose as their first level 14. I purchased the BH7 pack on all 3 of my accounts. 2 of my accounts were close to max BH6 (a crusher or guard post wasn't completed); both of these accounts decided to go barbs to 14 first. Both of these accounts have been having zero issues, and are surging daily to new personal best trophy levels for each account. They started out around 4.1k before BH7 and are up to 4.6 - 4.7k now. Except for the crusher or guard post, every other defense is level 6 and air only manages 1 star the majority of the time. 6 of the last 10 attacks were air for one account, five 1 star and one 0 star. The other account had 2 air attacks, a 2 star and a 1 star. Both of these accounts only lose to ground attacks. Note: I consider mitch an air attack, but I consider giwitch a ground attack.

    My 3rd account, was pretty far behind my other two accounts when BH7 was released. I had this account go archers to 14 first. The biggest factor hurting this account were the level 5 FCs. Level 12 minions were destroying this account. I have since leveled the new FC up to 6 and new HT up to 5, but the other 2 FCs are still at 5. Things are better against air: 7 out of last 10 attacks are air; four 1 star, one 2 star and two 0 star. I lost the 2 star attack since they had better %, but it was 50 level 14 minions. In 6 more hours I will have 50 archers to use and should be able to out % damage straight minions hopefully. This account is currently in the 4.2k region.

    I've had no issues so far spending loot on any of the accounts. I've been upping the storages and just started 1 clocktower to 7 on one account. I might have issues with loot in a couple days, but I won't have any issues today or tomorrow since I will be able to store 3 mil.
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    Thankfully I was a little bit slow these past few days, and only had one of my resource storages to level 7 with no 4 day upgrades going. Not overflowing... yet. I honestly haven't seen that many losses, but I'm hanging out around 4300. As long as my lootables stay above 4000 I'll be happy. No desire to push at all.

    I was one lootable away from upgrading one of my rushed minis to BH7 when the event dropped. Whew! I dumped all of my gold into upgrades. I sit around 2000 with this rushed account, and I am regurally getting stomped down, so I couldn't say if these beat downs have increased with the event or not.

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    The event is making a lot of things I hate about the BB, but try to ignore, more evident - i.e. the MM system. I want to do my 3 attacks, get 3 wins and leave, which leads to a win streak, which leads to going 2-8 when the game tries to put at a 50% win rate (aka 40 minutes of losing - and I can't drop trophies because it would take 40m anyway). I wouldn't mind staying at 4200, when I got to 4600+ yesterday (way above my league), I knew what was coming...

    Doing that once a day is fine and dandy. Doing that 3 times x day is... Ew... Not having a lot of trouble with storage juggling, tho.
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    "Event so far... thoughts".... Brutal!! I had just started update on my Air Bomb evening before event. Attacking last night was awful with that down and all my opponents doing air raids. I sucked it up this morning and gemmed it to finish before my raids and got my 3 wins much quicker than yesterday. But all opponents had 5 camps, many had BM 10 (mine still lagging at 7), lvl 12 witches (mine still at 8) Fierce competition with this event!

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    Ive not been able to join in yet. Multi mortar down and Im not throwing 500 or more gems at it.

    I think the best approach will be to do all the small bombs and any remaining non defensive buildings so I can spend the loot and still play as I dont play when my defences are building.

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    Gecko just a helpful FYI those bombs and small traps are some of the lowest gold cost per hour upgrade choices, If you really want to keep from overflowing there are much better options. Just divide the upgrade cost by hours to upgrade, choose the highest things.

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