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Thread: Story about HayDay

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    Story about HayDay

    Hi my friends,
    Here i want to you make some story about farm and some friends.
    Rules:You can only make one story line.

    I well start first

    **Long ago,i found one beautiful place,with dad tree,and bushes.

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    Cool start please then let us know

  3. #3 day the dad tree said to the mum tree "do you wanna hang with me or would you rather I leaf you alone?"

    ETA: Rofl over the 42nd post title. Great stuff 😂😂😂
    (I may never post again so that this title remains forever- who'd of thought it might be this simple to get rid of me)
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    Something like a story like the one that has another famous game of angry birds, if you're right that's missing the game.

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    Next day is come fox, she name Foxy

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    Foxy is very nice and friendly fox, she didn't catch / harm the chicken & sheeps.

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    Once upon a time, there was an old Communist sitting on his chair writing the Communist Manifesto. When he passed away, he gave his book to a young lad called Lenin. Lenin saw on his farm, the capitalist abused the animals. So, he encouraged the animals to rise up and drive out the humans. When Lenin implemented Communism on his farm, it was twice as effective if capitalism ran it. Years pass, and Lenin's successor had died. He passed on the farm to make sure gulags were a thing and animals weren't being fed. Happily never after.

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