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Thread: Story about HayDay

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    Story about HayDay

    Hi my friends,
    Here i want to you make some story about farm and some friends.
    Rules:You can only make one story line.

    I well start first

    **Long ago,i found one beautiful place,with dad tree,and bushes.

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    Cool start please then let us know

  3. #3 day the dad tree said to the mum tree "do you wanna hang with me or would you rather I leaf you alone?"

    ETA: Rofl over the 42nd post title. Great stuff 😂😂😂
    (I may never post again so that this title remains forever- who'd of thought it might be this simple to get rid of me)
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    Something like a story like the one that has another famous game of angry birds, if you're right that's missing the game.

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    Next day is come fox, she name Foxy

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