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Thread: Offense is the key point on current MM

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    Exclamation Offense is the key point on current MM

    We are an engineering clan.
    I calculate the offense through every player in the war, and the troops weight is based on this link:

    Based on this heroes/spells/troops weight table, a max th11 is ~41K, max th10 is ~31K, and max th9 is ~21K,

    Personally, I will say current MM is faced OFFENSE as the 1st factor or OFFENSE is greater than DEFENSE.
    This is not only 1 wars, All the 8 wars after update are similar to above and we got a streak lose.
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    You have 2 attacks to gain 6 stars, you can only loose 3 stars on defence, don't see much wrong with having offence a big part of the matching.
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    Offense is somewhat more important, especially in the hands of a skilled player, but I think the point is often overstated. Eagle/inferno imbalances win wars too, and though you have two attacks there will be a defender for each one.
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    In this picture, The EA is 2:5, it's fair or not ?
    Both side offense different are same, war weight different is 3%, but they have a big advantage on first 5 players with max defense (XP=9 and weight ~ 109K).
    If MM focus on DEFENSE , EA should be a key factor, 2:5 is a big different! So we did defenseless base for some advantages.
    But now MM trends to OFFENSE, it will try to line up offense from both side, offenseless will get more advantages.

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    yes offense gets 6* and defense only gives up 3, however one also need to look at the importance of defense. If defense holds then that is an attack lost or 3 potential starts wasted. So some defense is needed. This is why have some defense or manicuring your defense is superior to the defenseless strategy because often they are able to defend until someone higher drops down to take them out. This wastes attacks and potential start.
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    i disagree because th10s routinely match 11s and unrelated to that, our near max heroes consistently match teen heroes. then again, heroes might not weigh much i guess
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