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    Is this in town or farm?

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    Does it come with an 'i'm sorry honey' card maker ? Lol
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    Have any new crop item for make flower or using some sunflower to make flower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OngXuanChao94 View Post
    Have any new crop item for make flower or using some sunflower to make flower.
    Two new crops. Sunflowers and peonies. You can see the tiny plants in the crop plots in Nick’s first sneak peek.

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    Oh how beautiful a Flower Shop 😄 we are happy bcs this was one of the things on our Wishlist aswell 😍 great

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    Quote Originally Posted by HayDayApp View Post
    oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
    . Unable to get it. Where should I get it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkish555 View Post
    . Unable to get it. Where should I get it??
    waiting for update my friend

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    So I see two bouquets that take indigo. Nice. I’ve been wanting something more to do with my indigo for a long time.
    two that take cotton
    one that takes wheat.
    The bourquets on the rack are a different story.

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    apart from shop, do we have to plant rose and sunflower bushes(or flower itself will be produced in this shop) to use them for bouquet.
    if thats the case we might need more axes to chop them down.

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    Yes!!! Omg, love it, so excited!
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