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Thread: Guns For Hire

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    Sorry to revive after about 4 weeks under, but after seeing one of my TF members who is a 47 have to fight 63s, I would like to officially change my vote to a +1, BUT ALSO request an additional rule called "the rule of 20+". The rule would make it so you can always ask for help on a base that is 20 or more levels higher than your base. The attacker would still have to meet requirements, but you would always see a "request GFH" on any base with a level 20 or more above you, even if you were a GFH or you asked for help on a base that didn't fall under this limit. I wouldnt even rule out making the limit 15 levels (by time you are a level 50, your offense should be decent enough for most opponents), but for now let me say 20.

    Anyway NOW I really would like to see this in game.

    Edit: Personally, with everything else in play, I can't see why not let a GFH be an HQ 6 (where you can join a TF officially).
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