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    Nowhere to be found, same with tutorial for bingo, are they MIA ? Also thought flower shop belonged in town, 😩😩😩😩 need to use your thinking caps Hayday.

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    Any notification that there is a new sticky? Or do people just have to look?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    These are so called "sticky messages" from the Leader and Co-Leaders to the whole NH. These are not chat messages, but messages in the neighborhood notifications tab! They can be used as reminders, notifications or whatnot. Like if a Leader wants to remind the NH about something she/he can post a message there to keep all members notified.



    Hi Nick,

    thanks for this feature! I am leader, and it seems that no one has seen any of the stickies I post. Does it show any sort of notification that there is a new sticky to the neighborhood? That would be valuable feature. Just relying on folks to go check when they think of it really limits the usefulness of this for communicating! Looking forward to seeing this tweaked just this tad bit! Thanks!

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