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Thread: Game is crashing after 9.256.4 [LATEST] update.

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    Great to hear the above which means Supercell is working on it.
    I have Android v4.4.4 so I hope they do that next. There are alot of players on this older version of Android and Supercell didn't announce they aren't supporting it anymore (that I could find) so hopefully it will start working soon?
    My phone mfgr doesn't provide OS updates for this model phone anymore so it is up to Supercell.

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    Mine too plzz fix it

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    Hi there supercell after the update of coc on 11/10/17 i am not able to use or not able to open coc at all. So can u guys help me with this plz

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    Benthars method doesnt work.....plz solve it supercell or you will lose many players...we cant live without coc

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    same problem.
    aprιs cette MAJ je ne peux pas dιmarrer le jeu.

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    If playstore " not compatibel says.....
    Solution for S7edge is install the game from a other site.
    Just google for the install file,
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    I don't have Google Play on my phone, nor can I get it since I am in China so I always side-load the apk.
    I searched for and found an Android version 9.256.4 and 9.256.5 and installed both of them. Neither of them work and the game is still crashing immediately after loading.

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    Same, i don't have Google Play too. So my game still crashing till now.

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    After new update v.9.256.8 still the same please do something

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealNic View Post
    How many do people have rooted phone?
    i have rooted there any way to solve this problem ???

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