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Thread: Level 57 Farmer Looking for a Town Active NH

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    Level 57 Farmer Looking for a Town Active NH

    I new-ish to Hay Day, started in July 2017 and have enjoyed every minute of it.

    Can't wait for the new update. Is it here yet?

    Needs to be English speaking and I'm in the USA.

    I'm a bit chatty and on there quite a bit. I won't be this week as I have family visiting so I can't do Derby, but I'll be around to help and get to know everyone.

    Level 57, Fully upgraded Train Station, Personal Train is 8 visitors and 1 1/2 hours maintenance time.

    Ideally, I'd like a NH that I won't outgrow for awhile so I'd like some players that are higher levels already.

    I don't want a hood that calls dibs. I want to be able to trash tasks when there's no one around.

    I want to be allowed to trash often-repeated-tasks and not leave them up for hours for infrequent players. They will come around again. This is the reason I left my current NH. Like calling dibs for non-specific players.

    I love my Town and am always sending it away looking for visitors. I really, really like the train.

    I love the Derby and am willing to do whatever the NH requires to finish, at least, in the Top 3.

    Anyone have the perfect NH for me? Thanks.

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    Hi from Muddy Pumpkins Community,

    *** We have a few space left in our friendly international Champions League neighbourhood ***

    A neighbourhood which is designed to be relaxed, friendly, stress and drama free for adults.

    We are an active, chatty international group and Currently have 27 members ranging from level 110 level 32. We won our first three successive derbies taking Gold, and we just finished 3rd in the Expert League gaining all our horseshoes. We have now been promoted to the Champions League.

    Play the game your way!!

    We participate in the derby and are competitive, however this is not compulsory and there is NOT ANY DERBY PRESSURE OR STRICT RULES.

    Opt in or Opt Out. It's your choice.

    If you opt in the derby just do what you can, try your best and do your best to complete your tasks so that we can earn rewards as a team and hopefully progress.

    Low value tasks are trashed, however no strict minimum value rules.

    If you do not wish to take part in the derby, that's fine, then opt out to make it fair for those who are taking part.

    Created by UK members, we welcome adults to our neighbourhood and currently have a mix of international Members from destinations such as the UK, USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Singapore and South Africa.

    We have built a nice, friendly community of people who are courteous, respectful and who help each other to enjoy the game without any dramas.

    Muddy Pumpkins Community

    Blue Dog on yellow square

    Come, join, be part of our team and give us a try.

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    Hi LoveHD,
    I've dropped u a pm. hope to hear from you soon.

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    �� Miss Behaving Spank It !

    Yes...that's the hood name!

    3 Openings. 310 or up, Champ League. We love to win!
    Everyone is elder here, trash trash trash! We aren't just a hood, we are a team. Not looking for new best friends, just want a solid friendly helpful dependable team. Is that you?

    Competitive international hood looking for friendly helpful members --- We currently have levels up to 150.
    21 strong, we are seeking only 3 more players. Come see what competitive team work is all about.

    RULES: Finish all tasks at 310 or up, no exceptions. Theme derby is 320 or Up. Offer help when you can. Help keep the board up. No required outside communication.

    Non performers, beggars, and totally silent members are removed from the hood promptly! Non stop chat is not required nor desired, but friendly and helpful are expected. Silence is not will be booted if you never speak.

    Hood TAG #8LPVC2RV. Hood Name - Miss Behaving Spank It. We do 310 up, no crazy drama, just friendly helpful farmers!

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    Sent you a pm.

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    Tipsy Derby has become a family of 4 but we are looking for more members!

    We looking for someone who shares the same values as us.

    We are looking for some one who wants to be part of a TEAM.

    Someone who shares when they have plenty and isn't too greedy or needy. We like to help, as long as you're also helping.

    someone who is competitive and likes to win. We like to place top 3. We hate to loose. We hate "leaving goodies on the table."

    We know this is only a game. You can opt out of the derby. if you dont like the play the derby every week,THATS FINE!

    We love the derby We dont do anything in the farm unless its a derby task (ie: water plants, fill boats, run truck orders, mining. The only exception is the town.

    If you are in the derby you must do all 9 of your tasks and do +300 point tasks. WE ARE ALL DOING 320 tasks now.

    You will be promoted to ELDER to help trash tasks.

    We like to chat sometimes, but sometimes we just take a quick visit to check on things and not feeling super chatty. But will say Hi! and ask if you need anything.

    We are looking for adults please no children sometimes our conversations are a little adult for small children.

    We dont really care what level you are on as long as you can help.

    If this sounds good to you, and something you want to be part of please come join us.

    We are the only hood called "tipsy derby" please use password "MOM" when you request to join.

    We look forward to meeting and playing derby with you soon.

    Thank you

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    Pls join us! We love to CHAT, RACE HELP. looking for 'townees'! We are new get in on the bottom end, help make the rules.
    Hood name: Huckleberry Hills, tag #8U8J9999
    My farm: Huckleberry Farms, tag #9L299P8J0

    Blue lady on green circle, levels in the 50's
    All levels accepted at this time!

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    We have the perfect hood for You! Newly formed looking for expansion. Help make the rules! English speaking. Looking for chatters, racers, Townes and helpers!
    Hood name: Huckleberry Hills, tag #8U8J9999
    My farm: Huckleberry Farms, tag #9L299P8J0

    Blue lady on green circle, levels in the 50's
    All levels accepted at this time!

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