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Thread: Versus Battles: Mortar VS X-Bow

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    Junior Member Lionkerem's Avatar
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    Got frozen by level 66666 freeze spell, waiting it to end.

    Exclamation Versus Battles: Mortar VS X-Bow

    Which one would you use/using?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionkerem View Post
    Which one would you use/using?

    Mortar anyday and everyday.

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    Well, it is a difficult choice, X-Bow is an epic card, doesnt have a dead-spot, FAST hitspeed but low damage.
    Mortar, it is a common card which means that it can be overleveled, has a good amount of damage but its hitspeed is so slow and it has a dead spot, but at the bright side, having a blind spot is useful in some ways. For example when there is a giant push, giant goes to the mortar, then it will enter blind spot, which is good because mortar can counter support units behind giant
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    xbow can be hard countered with a rocket, which has a high chance of getting value because they often play a knight or ice golem in front of the xbow as soon as it's deployed. Mortar is cheaper and more difficult to be hard countered as you can try to out-cycle your opponent

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    X-bow can alone bring down tower, while mortar can't.

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    When I look into these two cards, both cards share the same advantage: range. However, it's more than that.

    X-Bow can take down towers by itself, due to their fast firing rate.

    However, it's easily distracted (no deadzone), and not that easy to level.

    Mortar on the other hand does splash, easy to level up, and cycles more quickly.

    With its slower fire rate, however, it doesn't bring down a tower by itself.

    Really, it's up to you.

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    Millennial Club StarkAchiever's Avatar
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    I prefer X-Bow.

    It's more punishing for me, and on defense, very annoying if you don't have rocket.

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