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Thread: Matchmaking FAQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFrostyBlaze View Post
    It works just fine most of the time
    Yes, it works so well that I have opted out of wars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denton View Post
    Sorry Tank; forgot to indicate my sarcasm. Felt sure that my friend from Baker Street would get it though...
    Present, correct and understanding Mr Denton sir!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Denton View Post
    Good work here but I stand by my point that the majority of posters don't understand how the war game works and won't read it.
    Very true but I'm hoping some threads can be focused (with a clan tag & specific issue) or shut down (omg you guys just match by townhall!) with a little cut & paste.
    It's always the closet engineers that are the most bitter. Trying to maintain a righteous pose while doing exactly what they claim to hate, lashing out at anyone that points out the obvious.

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