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Thread: Why does Grand warden had low war weight?

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    You couldnt switch him to air if he was to heavy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clark11308 View Post
    You couldnt switch him to air if he was to heavy
    I see what you did there 😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makemewise View Post
    I don't know why such a TH11 hero has little war weight that Engineered TH11 bases had huge advantage from even level 5-10 warden together with selected max th11 troops could dip and cripple a th10 base, well loopsided th11 bases is mirrored with a th10 in war and it is not funny.

    War matchmaking is not balance it should be higher weight than a level 1 inferno perhaps.
    first an observation, then the truth.

    you could make this same post about a Max archer queen, and lets say If we didnt have a Grand warden but a level 70 archer Queen (oh man, that would be something), we would be having the same discussion about the archer queen. We could probably have the same discussion about max/bowlers/valks/witch/lavaloon, but I admit the warden is an easy target due to it being the key obvious differentiator in many of the highly engineered clans lineup (allthough the Max bowi, is equally devestating and equally underweight, i think you would find if you were allowed under the Hood of supercells MMA).

    Before i get to the truth, that could be a fun guessing game, 'Whats would you find If you looked into the MMA?!'. Answer would vary from random generator, a leprechaun, the lachubacabra, a statement 'IF WARDEN LEVEL SIDE A < WARDEN LEVEL SIDE B x 0.7... match!, to health Ledger joker from the dark knight series.

    Now the truth

    the reason is 2 fold, reason 1 is for the good of the game, reason 2 is for supercells revenue, lets take reason 2 first as Its less controversial.

    supercells gem sales - this is simple, make grind type items ranging from some difficulty to highly difficult to raid like royals and warden underweight, and frustration from mismatches resulting from said underweighting, and normal mismatches due to other reasons (too few clans, non optimal MMA), will provide a clear way to gem yourself into an advantage. Clash is NOT pay to win, which is why Its so popular, but it has always been pay for a temporary or in some cases permament advantage. I have 11 accounts and have put gems into all the wardens, because up and till now Its been a way to get better matches. This may have changed recently.

    the good of the game - I never get much love when i put this foward, but clash relies on 2 things, first the reward system in our brains, and secondly on the social system in our clans. Key to the reward loop, is NOT having only treadmill base progression in a zero sum game, but to have certain items that are "special to have", like a Ferrari (or car x for all the ferraris are for losers comments), that get better as they upgrade.

    The way you create this specialty is to underweigtht the items. In early clan wars having maxed royals and walls was like having a Ferrari, a truely special account that offered your clan a war advantage. This advantage by definition has to be against the MMA, or Its becomes zero sum, If stronger royals and warden guarentee stronger bases on the other side, they lose their specialty characteristic.

    By putting the advantage on the grind items, like heroes, supercell encourages farming, which encourages social interaction, which as we saw after the sniping debacle (loss of constant friendly barchers on clanchat), is critical to the game.

    So when supercells pockets are aligned with enabling a key reward and social system strengthener as we find in underweighted heroes, I could not understand why they would not be underweighted,

    The extent of the underweighting, along with other key faults, has meant war for many has become well, to say a chore would be an understatement.

    The extent is where supercell have mistepped, but the idea of underweighting heroes slightly is actually good for the game, allthough I expect few to agree (guess 4 people will agree).
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