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Thread: Why does Grand warden had low war weight?

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    Why does Grand warden had low war weight?

    I don't know why such a TH11 hero has little war weight that Engineered TH11 bases had huge advantage from even level 5-10 warden together with selected max th11 troops could dip and cripple a th10 base, well loopsided th11 bases is mirrored with a th10 in war and it is not funny.

    War matchmaking is not balance it should be higher weight than a level 1 inferno perhaps.

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    How do you know the weight of the Grand Warden is low? What if its a high weighted troop but the low defensive weight makes it negligible on effect to where the TH11 is placed on the map?

    Also, your mirror does not represent your weight.
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    why a wiz tower weight more than 4-5 archers tower?
    Why one inferno weight more than all archer tower + canon + AD + teslas together?
    Why witches weight more than 7-8 other troops together?

    Fixing matchmaking should have started by giving the defenses and troops a weight that match more the impact on the field.

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    I would suggest that there is a forum consensus that the Warden is offensively underweighted, but no one really knows it's true weight.
    Our assumptions are based upon feedback from many players who face matches where typically they have TH11 disparity.
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    Keep in mind that war weight doesn't follow a linear formula. The weight of certain buildings and units will increase if not everything else is placed, as one of the measurements against very obviously lopsided bases.

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    GW is likely underweight, but don't ignore the whole package. If your TH10 gets rolled by a 40 aq walking down one side with lv 5 healers behind, then lv3 bowlers & witches run through the middle, well the GW obvious with his aura & all but he's not the whole problem.
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    GW had great impact in attacking, I don't know why this hero is underweight when pair with those big boys with loopsided bases they could wreck th10 bases easily.

    GW is super underweight its too OP for a th11 LB mirrored by Th10 that it shouldn't be, TH11 war troops is far superior than lower townhall by logic and that is unfair enough.

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    We see GW matching with TH8 and TH9.

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    while it's works.... engineering would exist.....
    doesn't matter the weight argument bla. . bla.. bla. .

    as long as engineering 11 doesn't pull th11 deff....

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    I suspect supercell treats GW as a hero like BK/AQ so give it a proportionate (but slightly higher) weight, without acknowledging the fact that elixir is farmed much more easily than DE and GW is offensively somewhat the equivalence of the extra spell & camp space u get at TH9&10. so it deserves a significant offense weight!

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