- Take on daily and weekly Quests to earn epic rewards
- Rewards include Super Magical and Legendary Chests!
- Watch our EPIC QUESTS update trailer!

- Touchdown is a sporty new game mode - without towers - watch the reveal livestream!
- Earn gold and gems by taking down towers during Gold Rush and Gem Rush events
- Now you can chat and have a rematch with your 2v2 teammate
- Mirror Battles give you and your opponent the exact same deck
- Challenges come in more shapes and sizes, and unlock at level 5

- Share and copy decks from outside the game
- We've revamped the Shop, check it out for Daily Deals
- Collect a free Epic Card from the Shop every Sunday!
- Gems are no longer refunded for Custom Tournaments if no players join or battle
- News Royale, now in glorious full screen!

- We've got a better system for releasing new cards, so each new card will be a real surprise! Find out more in the latest episode of Radio Royale.

- Note: with the introduction of Quests, we will remove Achievements in the next update
- We've re-balanced several cards - find out what's changing.

We hope you enjoy the update! Let us know what you think about it here.

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team