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Thread: Directing Troops

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    Or I could bring 2-3 freeze spells. It really surprises me that you, as a long time player, want to change the game in this way. Learning how to funnel and control troops is the basic principle of this game. It's one of the main things that defines this game. I've spent 4 years learning to attack in CoC and I would hate to see one of the main mechanics changed like you are proposing. Other games may be like that but CoC is not. I agree that new content is very much needed on the main base. But a change in the attack dynamic would destroy one of the fundamentals of Clash. I get that you want more. I do too. Sneak peaks are coming. Let's hope for the best.
    Something as simple as a dark spell that guides the troops to the area in which it was dropped would not change the fundamentals of the game. I consider myself to be an above average player, so this idea was not created by someone so grossly incompetent they felt it necessary to propose this change. It's not. But in a game that is constantly evolving new challenges have to be made. This would be one. I do appreciate everyone's feedback on my idea, I love that there's dialogue about this now!

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    Imagine Using Barch with around 200 troops or 240 if your Way higher up there just imagine directing each and everyone of the barbarians and archers where to go

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