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Thread: My YouTube channel! [ Lost Gamer ]

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    My YouTube channel! [ Lost Gamer ]

    Hey boomers, I recently started a YouTube channel where I post my Boom Beach content ( . I started the channel because i started editing random videos and I loved doing it. When I was editing I thought to myself "Since there aren't a lot of Boom Beach YouTubers, why not start a channel and edit and post Boom Beach Videos". So I started the channel and did Just that. I am posting this thread to see if anyone would like to Subscribe or view my videos. Thank you for taking your time to read this, Please take a look at my channel.

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    And you pop up on the game community forum with your first and only post being "hey come check out my channel"? With a forum name that indicates you are more of a clasher than boomer? No thank you. I will stick to youtubers who were members of and committed to the BB online community and forum before they started posting videos.
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    I checked out the video as a public service.
    Its a level 44 account, shows tropical DrT attacks stages 1-4. Basic Hooka attacks, seemed pretty sloppy to me.
    Music was the standard Youtube fast-paced techno that everyone seems to use, no narration.

    Best thing I can say was that the editing was pretty fast. But since it was just running through basic base maintenance tasks, collecting resources, crushing statues, reloading troops, etc, nothing really interesting or unique.

    Needless to say, I wont be watching it again.

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    Yup, you pretty much just summarize the video Thank for the opinion. I will try to change it up but cannot promise narration.

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    Thanks for viewing. Strong opinion, I like that :0

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    It appears that he has washed up on the beaches of the Boom Beach forum, seeing as he is lost.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge0904 View Post
    I now have gone over $10,000 invested in this game.
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    Still less than what Charlie Sheen spends on hookers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LostClasher View Post
    Yup, you pretty much just summarize the video Thank for the opinion. I will try to change it up but cannot promise narration.
    I admire your persistence at least.
    In fact there are quite a few Boom Beach YouTubers. You need to be able to offer something unique or interesting if you want to get viewers.
    Watching someone collecting resources is not interesting. Its something that every player does, everytime they play. So why show it?
    At the low level you are at, it seems like your target audience would be other low level players that are trying to understand the game better. Without some narration to explain whatever it is you are trying to show, what are they supposed to be learning?

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    I see what you are trying to say.

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    Can only agree with what everyone else is saying, felt like a Saturday night at the nightclub watching the vid
    Lots of

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    Soon as I heard the music it was a skip for me, skimmed it a bit so I did not have to listen to the music. Show some game play like attacking bases or event to catch peoples attention. That will get you views

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