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    Update Sneak Peeks!

    Coming in the next update...

    SNEAK PEEK #1 - Quests!

    - Take on daily and weekly Quests to earn epic rewards
    - Rewards include Super Magical and Legendary Chests!
    - Watch this video for details!

    SNEAK PEEK #2 - New Game Modes!

    - Touchdown - watch the reveal livestream!
    - Earn gold and gems by taking down towers during Gold Rush and Gem Rush events
    - Chat and have a rematch with your 2v2 teammate!
    - Mirror Battles give you and your opponent the exact same deck
    - More details here!

    SNEAK PEEK #3 - Bonus Stuff!

    - Share and copy decks from outside the game
    - We've revamped the Shop, check it out for Daily Deals
    - Collect a free Epic Card from the Shop every Sunday!
    - Gems are no longer refunded for Custom Tournaments if no players join or battle
    - News Royale, now in glorious full screen!
    - More details here!

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    This looks really awesome! My thoughts::

    Sneak Peek #1
    - Daily and Weekly quests look good for now. I still have concern as to the similarity that the quests are for Clash of Clans. I've quit doing the CoC quests because it's become very stale. "Use 10 Baby Dragons" or "Use a mixture of golems and hog riders". It got boring real fast. CR Don't do this to us!

    - There are some people calling out removing free chests and putting in quests might not equate out. It's too early to tell, but please buff as needed after release.

    Sneak Peek #2
    - We knew touchdown was coming so not too much of a sneak peek. However, I have loads of gems, but for the F2P I do hope there are options later to not have to spend gems to play in this game mode.

    - Gold and gem rush look sweet. I see no drawbacks there.

    - The 2v2 chat features seem okay. I'll be the guy that instantly leaves that "chat room".

    - Mirror battle will be awesome. It will definitely rely on timing of playing the mirror card to get that upper hand on the opponent.

    Sneak Peek #3
    - Sharing of decks outside of game won't really assist me, but I guess that's cool.

    - I'm hearing a lot of negatives on the forums right now about the Shop changes. Again it isn't live and actually verified, so I'm leaving this one open.

    - Free epic from shop on Sunday? Can't complain there, but some will...

    - Thank you so much for not refunding gems. I hate seeing all these 2k card fake tourneys.

    Wish list for next sneak peek:

    1. Revamp to custom tournaments (better prizes)
    2. Sparky buff
    3. Lower gem cost for SMCs (makes more sense to do 49 grand challenges if you finish at 7+ wins/challenge)
    4. More battle deck storage (from 5 to 8)
    5. Top 3 clans to finish top trophies to get gem rewards (Clash of Clans transfer idea)
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    My opinions :
    Quests - Nice addition but rewards feel underwhelming.
    Touchdown - Awesome mode, needs to be permanent rather than being a challenge.
    Mirror Mode - Best version of blind deck challenge : 👍👍
    2v2 rematch and chat - Superb, will definitely do rematches with teammates who have a deck that synergizes with my deck.
    Events tab revamp - Good QoL change
    Multi stage challenges - Nice concept
    Taking friends in 2v2 challenges - BEST FEATURE 👍👍😍😍.
    Shop Revamp - Can't say about that.
    Deck sharing - Doesn't really matter
    Free stuff - Thank you for that
    Refund removal for tournaments - Great!!
    Free chests gone - 😥😥😥.
    Friendly Battle menu revamp - Nice
    Gold rush and gem rush - Good but it should be in 2v2 as well 😥.

    Overall, i am okay with the update, not much satisfied, rather disappointed but still it's okay. New arena and PvE + TvE would have made it the Best Update Ever.
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    Legendary chests?

    Yes. Just yes.

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    [ONLE AND ONLY] October Update Sneak Peak Library - Discussion

    Thanks Mr. Crab ��

    Hey Clashers!
    It's Time to Get #HalloweenHyped Because Another Update From clash royale is Now Coming to your nearest Android/iOS devices this October!

    As you can see in the Main post that, Mr. Chon the Crab of the forums has started Releasing Sneak peaks!
    But these are just Sneak peaks. Right?

    If you want to know what all about the Sneak Peaks are. Then head down below of this paragraph and I'll guide you through Various Youtube videos which will give you a clear viewing lf the sneak peaks.
    And also I have Added some nice piece of art for Each sneak peak for their Matching. Don't forget to read what's written in it


    Before That, you must Face to face know what Developers are running in their minds and why Tim is Sad looking at it's iPhone only. Check the Official Radio Royale Episode here!

    1 minutes Replay



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    Let's celebrate Diwali and Halloween!!! All together!

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    Quests Hype!!

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    When is next sneak peek CHON Answer your clanmate
    Love checking Game Files and Bugs

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    a place where youtube is banned
    finally it comes!
    get the 10th
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