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Thread: Stop the special races :(

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    I do not want to know, I'll tell you in my game. If I do not like the special races I do not play and I will deactivate. Waste of time these races. It is my opinion, it makes the game very annoying and thus I avoid aborting. Good game for everyone.

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    I agree Special Derbys are not fun at all. Makes the game work. Too few 400 tasks come up. Don't seem to have as many choices of 400 fun ones. If our hood doesn't play will we drop out of Champions? Some of the tasks require that you stop using Ernest and Rose after having paid diamonds for their service? Special Derbys don't make sense. They could be the last straw and I will probably just quit the game.

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    I love the themed derbies. I think I would have quit a while ago if the *hadn't* started them. The regular derbies are sooooooo boring! Variety is the spice of life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by badevilkitty View Post
    I love the themed derbies. I think I would have quit a while ago if the *hadn't* started them. The regular derbies are sooooooo boring! Variety is the spice of life.
    Totally agree.

    They have a few teething problems, but that's SC for you.

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    I am also in the pro-themed camp. I enjoy having the variety. Themed derbies are a relatively new concept and will take a bit of time to iron out these glitches. It really is not any different than the growing pains we went through with the special events board. I, personally, am grateful to SC for continuing to try to add new things to this old cash cow of a game. Most developers would have simply sucked it dry and abandoned us by now.

    That being said, this particular derby has been irritating and I understand everyone's frustrations. I'm mostly a solo player and not highly competitive so I am willing to wait it out, knowing a fix/adjustment will come. For the OP and others who have become so highly agitated, a break from HD may be in your best interest. Games are meant to be fun, when they are not, play something else for a while. I think most of us long timers have taken breaks from HD at some point. It makes coming back that much more fun. Don't worry, your farm will be just as you left it.

    Good luck to all.
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    The problem here isn't themed derbys, the principle is fine.
    The problem is poor execution and exceedingly poor communication from the Hayday team. It appears to most of us that Supercell doesn't care in the slightest that this derby isn't performing correctly, or that isn't paying customers are unhappy.
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    Out of 324 tasks I have had 2 400 tasks. I don't care if they keep them but that's ridiculous. Some of us actually like to compete. I can't compete if I can't get the highest task level tasks. I agree with the person that says Supercell needs to then double check to make sure the special derby are working properly.

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    We are getting one 400 task every 110 on average and of the 4 we have had 2 were fishing but can't make lures fast enough so not a happy bunny

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    The special derbies are my favourite, so I do hope they will not stop them. Like others have said, if you do not like some aspect of the game, do not play that aspect of the game. Demanding the game change to your liking is not reasonable.

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    Love theme derbies, breaks the monotony of regular derby for me.

    It's kinda hilarious that they give u sneak peeks to prep tasks but alter the drop rate n point scores every derby. Maybe they are still tweaking the system to see what works and does not end up with flooded papers of the same unwanted items?

    Sc should heed some of the feedback pple have been making and provide clear direction of what they intend to do. If this derby drop rate can't be changed, just say so rather then have people waiting on tasks which won't be coming.

    Overall I appreciate the effort to try and implement new ideas n hope sc surprises us with more new stuff ( but maybe trial first before releasing to Hd gamers &#128514

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