Boat Supplied Troops
So, as I’m sure everyone reading this is aware, there is a boat in the home village of our bases. We use this boat to transport ourselves to the night village where we proceed to work on our builder’s base and do rival battles. Currently this is the only purpose behind the boat in our villages. But perhaps this idea could bring glory to the boat and potentially a new style of farming bases. 😉

My idea for an update involving the boat is relatively understandable, and it is that we are capable of transporting “Night Village Exclusives” to the regular village. Including the night witch, cannon cart, the bomber, and eventually, the drop ship and super P.E.K.K.A. Now of course this brings a slight issue, the conversion of UPC(units per camp) and HS(Housing Space). So here I have a small chart to show the conversion.
Troop UPC HS
Bomber 4 3
Canon Cart 2 4
Night Witch 2 6
Drop Ship <ERROR 404> 10
Super Pekka <ERROR 404> 15

The UPC-HS conversion doesn’t depend on each other’s variable, but rather the usefulness of the troop, here’s why. The troops would be unloaded off of the ship the moment you hit the ship icon that would appear slightly above your general troop hotbar. The ship would then start sailing into the shore for about 10-15 seconds before the troops are unloaded immediately. What this means is that they are only capable of being spawned in on the bottom left side of the map at the shore line. This limits your creativity for attacks with them but still allows you to utilize them in your attacks, an example could be witch slap. What this might also do is make it so bases aren’t perfectly centered and are further to the upper right corner to make things more time restricted for players utilizing the boat. Below is a chart showing the housing space for each level of the boat that I’d like to see implemented.
Boat Level-Housing Space-Cooldown Time
1 10 10 mins
2 15 9 mins
3 20 8 mins
4 25 7 mins
5 30 6 mins
6 35 5 mins
7 40 5 mins
By the boat being upgraded, it would become faster and be able to transport troops much more efficiently, hence the reduction in cooldown at each upgrade.
Personally I believe this could be an interesting idea to spice up the game a little bit without affecting wars due to there being no shore line. And that it would give some more much needed purpose to the boat other than being a transportation device for the player alone.