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    Two Word Story

    In this game the goal is to make a funny story by adding two words at a time. No limit on posts - don't do two in a row though. The game is quite self explanatory.

    Once there....

    Once there was a smart cow that mooed and woo-ed at her scary looking sheep dog. The sun was shining while a different dog was trying to find the thief that dreamed of ugliness and also long walks. The Dog and the white cat both ate orange slices and also drank milkshakes but the scary sheepdog did not like milkshakes so it growled threateningly and brutally then lunged and murdered all milkshakes. The cow went bananas. She felt sad because

    *This is the story that has been written so far. I will try to keep up with everyone's responses so you can read the full story. It will be posted in this space as it gets written.
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