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Thread: Questions for derby players that are level 100+

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    Questions for derby players that are level 100+

    I have 2 farms, levels 41 and 44. I love derbys. And I play solo because I can better control my own destiny with derbys. Collaborating with others in derbys was very frustrating to deal with and hence I now go at it alone. I recently took a week off from derbys(personal reasons) and found that I have enjoyed filling boats orders.
    What I am wondering is this. Should I wait until I acquire all production machines(through filling boats, selling random stuff, and filling town orders) and then really go full force on derbys? Or should I go full force on derbys now as best I can with my current farm levels and the current production machines I have now at my disposal?
    What was your thought process and ultimate decisions before you went full force on derby playing? Was there an aspect of the game that greatly influenced your ultimate decision?

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    I think it depends on your goals. If you are aiming for the derby achievements, then keep playing the derby. The difficulty keeps changing as you level up; both in derby as well as filling orders for boat, town, and truck.

    I wanted to get lots of drop items, so at your level, into the 60's, I spent lots of my time focused on town.
    I tended to participate in whatever event was going on, but otherwise I left trucks and boats mostly alone.

    Best wishes as you figure out what your strategy is and achieve your goals!

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    My goals change to keep engaged. Most of my attachment to hay day is now my hoodies (friends).

    it would be nice to have some new blood, lower levels in the hood, but it is hard to find reliable ones.

    i try to focus on what I like to do, which is town, helping others upgrade, derby, events, etc

    with the derby, once our hood got to champions league, there was no going back, so every week is full force!
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    I was well past the OP's level when the derby was introduced but Wussy is correct - once you are in the champions league you have to keep out of the bottom three to stay there. We usually have 4 to 6 in the derby each week.
    Also like Wussy I like to work my town and help where I can but I do participate in the derby most weeks although I don't hesitate to opt out when I know I will be busy in real life. I farm to relax not to be stressed.

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    I think each of us would say that our farming goal and interests have changed over time--and continue to change.

    When I was in the mid-levels, the Derby didn't exist and the physical footprint of the farm was a lot smaller. There was no land across the road and there have been two expansions of the main farm since I started farming. There were no bees or ducks and the last machine/product was acquired at about level 70. I only filled boats and trucks when there were double-coin events or when I was desperate for vouchers to buy pets.

    The town has always been my favorite way to unload products. Love those gifts! Since I hit level 100, I don't worry about double XP events any more. I fill boats for vouchers, if I feel like it. For me, the prizes are the only excuse for the Derby. I only opt in when there is something I need (permits, EMs, vouchers) or want (decos). I love my NH, and we pretty consistently maintain a place in the CL without buying a 10th task, but the Derby is not the heart of the 'hood.

    Who knows what the game will look like when you reach level 100 on your two farms!?! Who knows what the SC developers will have come up with for us!?! So far, they've always come up with something to draw me back for another try to features of the game that I had been ignoring.
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    As Mini has said, it's a very different game now than it was 2 years ago when we were your level.

    The thing with HD is, there isn't a right or wrong way to play. There are certainly some efficient or inefficient ways to play, but it comes down to deciding what your goals are or what makes it fun/relaxing/challenging. Lots of people play to relax, I don't, I play because it's basically an interactive puzzle. Trying to get it to run to maximum efficiency.

    The Derby is like that too. There are loads & loads of NH's and they have different goals, different attitudes, different expectations etc.
    You just need to find one you like. I did. I play solo!

    Just play the way you want to

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    My goals changed constantly and still do. As stated before, much of the game came into existence when we were in your spot. Today I play as the mood suits me. My NH is all close family, sometimes we play the derby hard and other times we sit it out. My advice is play as your mood takes you. Your farm is not going anywhere without you. Relax and enjoy.
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    I have 2 farms too, 54 (3 years old) & 65 (1 year), but unfortunately I only have 1 device, so I need to switch on-off the farm, login and log out Facebook.
    I have tried playing Derby solo, but I feel so lonely, no one helping my boat task, exchange silo/barn tools, I can't pick up single townies from friend.
    I join NH with my 65level farm. The 54 is for back up producing dairy, sugars & cotton fabric, fishing area product.

    When I play my first farm, each time I have 15 diamonds I always hired Tom & make mystery nets ( luckily I got 2 pearls of the sea), I don't understand to max. the machine slot. Now in my second farm, when I reach the same level, I have maximum dairy product & sugars, one max feeding mill. I really feel the different. ( I bought diamond package 2 or 3 times when there was a GREAT discount offer, 75 diamonds only 16.500 IDR <quite cheap, reasonable price>, hahaha)

    My personal suggestions are:
    - you need to upgrade slots the dairy machine, sugars, and feeding mills.
    - for each machine, min. you have slots equals with the variation of the product (example: bakery machines: bread-corn bread- cookies - raspberry muffin, then you need 4 slots, if the next level is blackberry muffin will be open- you need to add 1 more slot). So you always have stock for each products
    - if you want to try join a NH, find a team that the member have the same level with you (max. 5 level up), & small team (2 - 5 players, than 30 players team). High level players usually have set HIGH & TIGHT target for Derby, 320 points Derby task only - which is VERY frustrating for newbie/ low level players. They already have 1000 - 1.300 barn capacity - while the 40's level player only have 450. They have 40 machines, the lower player only have 15.
    When we play with the same level players, its more enjoyable, not as stressful as if we join big group with player 20 level above us.

    Just relax, enjoy the game

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    Why is this a question for lvl 100+ farms?

    I have a lvl 81 farm and I have been playing champions league derby since level 30 or so. I would advise that if you like derby, just go for it now.

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    As others have said we all play the same game differently. At the level you are you will still need tons of coins to buy all the machines as you level up. So be aware of the amount of coins you have as you make it to each new level. If you find that you do not have enough at some point, re-evaluate what part of the game you are concentrating on. Is it earning you too much XP, and not enough coins? If that happens you may need to stop doing boats and trucks and concentrate on selling in your RSS. You can still do the derby, but be mindful of the tasks that you take. Just enjoy the game as you like. That is what is important.
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