These past few days some weird things have happened to me.
1) bought a mr pibb soda for 50 from a soda machine outside my local walmart . 2 cans kicked out of the machine.
2) ordered a pumpkin spice latte at local starbucks. Person who made my drink was not the same person who took my order. Person that made my drink totally made the wrong drink. Person who took my order noticed the mistake and correctly made my drink and then said that I could also have the incorrect drink for free.
3) bought 6 cookies at local subway sandwich shop. 2 oatmeal raisin and 4 chocolate chip. The girl working there says " I don't like how these oatmeal raisin ones look so I will charge you for only the 4 chocolate chip and the oatmeal raisin ones are free."
I do not know what to attribute these happenings to but I am hesitant to label it HayDay Karma. About 2 weeks ago I started buying stuff in the DD that was being sold by players level 15 or lower. I do not buy something everyday in the DD from a sub level 15 nor do I always buy everything they have in their road side stand. I buy only if I remember that day and if my gut feeling says that buying everything (or nearly everything) from their stand would really help them out.
I kind of believe in karma but kind of don't and in a way feel those 3 events were just plain coincidence.