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Thread: Someone hacked my clan

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    Someone hacked my clan

    Someone hacked my account and I was the leader of the clan. He changed the leader to his own account. Please help me to regain my leadership.

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    No one here can help you. This is a forum, a place to chat and complain about match making.

    What will happen is this...

    1. They will tell you what I just did

    2. They will point out you may have given out a password - free gem websites are the usual culprit

    3. They will point you towards Supercell's support page - which from clash can be accessed from the gear option down on the bottom right of the game page

    4. There may be another email that someone else can guide you toward...
    Ending threads one comment at a time.

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    now what I do please help. Thats a level 9 clan. That took me one and half year to reach that level

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    any developer or moderator here! Please help me. I am very sad.

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    not interested in thread counts/titles just a guy on the forums chatting away
    As cilakila has told you already nobody here can help you you need to contact supecell in game support in tbe game click on be tbree cogs in square then click help and support then click contact us and send supercell a detailed message explaining how this has happend but to be honest i doubt they will do anything as you cant prove that you didnt just hand leader over

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