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Thread: Need golden deck for 3000+

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    Need golem deck for 3000+

    Hey guys! I just got my golem to level 5 and I'm currently at 3160. Does anyone use it above 3000? I dont have the log bandit or mega knight. Ty!
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    Further up in ladder than I was yesterday.
    here is my old golem deck that got me to a pb of 3500 with tourney standard cards except lvl 10 arrows

    baby drag
    inferno drag
    gob gang
    mega minion

    Its seriously outdated but it should still work as none of the cards have been affected too much by balances

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    I've had luck with the above just using bats instead of goblin Gang. But both work well still

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    Any more decks?

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    this cruel world
    how about this:
    night witch
    baby dragon
    mega minion
    inferno dragon

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    Golem (Tank and secondary win condition)
    Archers (Defense, cycling, and pushing)
    Graveyard (Win condition)
    Log (Swarm control, and defense)
    Arrows (Swarm control)
    Mini Pekka (Mainly used against hogs and glass tanks, makes a good tank killer as well)
    Night Witch (Mainly pushing, tank killer if you are desperate, fine against hogs)
    Inferno Dragon (Main tank killer)

    Average cost: 4.1

    struggles against: Valkyrie, Barbarians, and Three Musketeers

    This got me from 3200 to 4200, where I am now, main problem with the deck is that its hard to level up with only 2 commons and 1 rare.

    Before double elixir:
    Usually just push with Golem, and GY, while using log and arrows to counter their swarm units if they have any, if they dont, add the NW or Archers to the push.

    After double elixir, just put everything in your push, you can probably afford it.

    Although there is no way to counter an Inferno Tower, the GY counteracts that as the golemites are still good enough to tank for the GY.

    Cards you can replace:
    Mini Pekka with Freeze; used the deck that way uptill 3700 when I realized most of the time the freeze was unnecessary and was usually overkill, however, it was very useful against Inferno Towers and Wizards (When wizards are countering GY)

    Log/Arrows with Zap
    Arrows are mainly there to kill minions and gangs countering GY since the log cant reach beyond the enemies tower nor kill air, if your zap's over levelled though, it can replace log or arrows.

    This is the most work I've ever done on writing anything on the internet, hope you enjoyed the suggestion/guide.

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