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Thread: Are .5 bases completely dead and useless now? New matchmaking is complicated!!

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    Angry Are .5 bases completely dead and useless now? New matchmaking is complicated!!

    I'm from a very good clan with 85-90% win percentage but lately we have been matched up with zero engineered clans. All max bases and with zero or few .5 bases.

    Just trying to see how everyone else out there is doing and how they are coping with it.

    *** This is not to discuss if .5 bases are cool or not.. Just trying to see if matchmaking makes .5 bases worth while anymore. and your thoughts

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    boo no response

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    whats with new matchmaking? I thought that was only for war
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurryupandw8 View Post
    boo no response
    I guess nobody knows.

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    We 've the same problem. We have some "middle" th9 defensively with good troops and we have systematically face to TH9 max (defensively AND offensively). I use war weight for long time and now it's impossible to understand what is the problem.

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