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    Post Youtube video taken down by: "" Is this a legitimate SC email?

    Hey everyone,

    In 2013-2014, I had posted a youtube video on a client sided mod that let you see how many gems it would take for you to max out your base, and then after logging out and back in, everything would reset. Just a fun little gimmick, no monetisation was ever on the video either.

    Anyway, I completely forgot about this video until recently, but long story short it was taken down and my channel got a strike, then It was forgotten about.

    Recently, I was scrolling down the video manager looking at my old videos, and noticed it. After clicking, I was finally informed of the email of the claimant, and how it was detected (Was not there before).

    Content: Manually Detected
    Claimant: Supercell OY
    Policy: Video taken down

    After looking at the email, I noticed that it wasn't an email, causing me to think that maybe it wasn't legitimate supercell who made the claim. I searched fondiapiracy and found that they are partnered with supercell as security, however, all contact emails for members of fondia are addressed

    I sent the claimant an email however have gotten no response at all. Which is making me think that it was made by a random person and abandoned, however I am not too sure.

    I would really like to request a retracion, however they are not responding to me. So the next step would be a counter-notification, however this is a legal process and I do not wish to get sued over a gag youtube video from 2013. All I want is the video to be made private, so I can re watch it by myself as an old memory, and scroll through my previously uploaded videos without any copyright claims.

    So basically, I'm just asking if anyone from super cell can confirm that this is/is not a real email address, and if it is, who I can contact about my situation.


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    It's a valid claimant and the description of your video makes it pretty clear why it was taken down. Try reading the Terms of Service. If you can't figure out why modifying Supercell's IP violates the Terms of Service, try reading it again more slowly. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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